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Highly productive Rails company
Highly productive Rails company


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Hours of work later Rails Event Store got a new release with some better APIs. Check out what changed and what we decided to redesign.

Also, it's open source and mutation tested so check out the sources if you are interested how it works under the hood.

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Rails is dead. Ruby declines in popularity.

Somehow we keep hearing those things and we start doubting whether Ruby is still the cool thing?

Can you bet on Ruby for your career?
Should you look around for alternatives?
How to evaluate the alternatives?

How can we talk about it without emotions which go in the way of rational choices?

How would it feel not to constantly doubt about your programming future?
How would it feel to have a framework of thinking which helps you in evaluating the current trends?
How great would it be to understand the values which drive your programming passion?

This webinar will be led by Andrzej Krzywda, who started his Ruby journey in 2004, when first version of Rails was released.

During the webinar we will look at some of the metrics which can help us decide how good/bad is the Ruby future.

You will learn how Andrzej is evaluating the potential of other technologies, what are his driving factors.

You will learn how to detect which programming values are important for you and how to build your career upon those values.

This webinar will help both experienced Ruby developers and people who wonder whether Ruby is a good choice for their career.

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directories, gems, engines? what are your options:

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inject and each_with_object , very similar methods so which one is better? As always... it depends.
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