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I am the eggman, they are the eggmen. I am the walrus, goo goo g'joob. Originally from Newcastle, Co. Down and have recently returned to my roots in the rural environment... Needs must. Still working for RPP Architects, thats 17 years now!!... recession in full effect and just thankful that I am still employed. I am blessed.
I am the eggman, they are the eggmen. I am the walrus, goo goo g'joob. Originally from Newcastle, Co. Down and have recently returned to my roots in the rural environment... Needs must. Still working for RPP Architects, thats 17 years now!!... recession in full effect and just thankful that I am still employed. I am blessed.

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My Saturday nights now consist of staring into Grace....

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The concept: Flip a city in 1 minute, blue- neutral- green.
Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland

As the big day approached, the planning intensified. Once the footbreakers, hocus pocus, cat crashes, and riot protocol had been finalised, there was just time for a quick poem to celebrate National Poetry Week "Will there be cake? Will they be green? What will you bake? What does it all mean?" (thanks @Kashandara). With cake promised, people started to arrive ninja style, to Belfast from Dublin, Galway, Bristol, Stirling, Newcastle, Lisburn, Newry, Carlisle, Glasgow, West Cumbria, Nottingham, Canterbury, Hastings, and Holywood for the event.

At 2pm, near Belfast's home of enlightenment (the Linen Hall library), we met by the Dragons at City Hall. Over 50 agents travelled to the event. Bravo to Hotel teams took the North East; Foxtrot went West; Mike to Sierra in the East (prompting a fight over which four men got to be Romeo), and Papa and Zulu took the South. At 2.59 a silence fell; waiting for @littlestray to call GO! And there it was. Over 200 portals in the city centre in 26 zones, a beautiful sea of green spreading out in every direction.

With the views of the city more beautiful than ever, there was just one last task. Level 16's to the Crown for the first all L16 portal in Northern Ireland. And there it was with @wazdaka,@clathrate, @FenrisTwolf, @nCoder, @phaous, @Kenti, @Bannman and @2hwwyjr3. With a cheeky pint of Guinness sneaked in to celebrate that L16, it was all agents to the Green Room at the Black Box for cake and the odd extra Guinness. We had two new agents; reaching Level 3 and 4. It was also Barney Bear's first event since taking up the world tour from Brandon (see Barney's post A glass of uisce beatha was raised to celebrate the legend @Reviresco, his contributions, and his friendship; and of course we turned Belfast green again in his honour.

Finally, the event in random numbers
Badgers (8); Mushrooms (7 Ulster Fry), Snakes (Innuendos many more than one, actual snakes nil), Ducks (1 Dale the Diving), Pizza Slices (69), New Agents (2), Bears (1- Barney), Portals (200+), Agents (54), Purple penguins (1), Racoons (Nil).

With thanks to the following agents

With thanks to the Lightning Strike Community for choosing Belfast as the host city @Iterole for the idea, and @gcat and @littlestray for local intel/organising and all our lovely visitors for making it awesome.

#lightningstrike   #belfast   #BarneyBearWorldTour   #Welovetourists   #BlackboxBelfast   #Cake   #Enlightened   #Ingress   #Whathappensontour   #REVIRESCO  

+Ingress +Anne Beuttenmüller +Brandon Badger +Matilde Tusberti 
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Due to a news article this morning, a previous blog post of mine, seems very topical.

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Grace sleeping..... But for how long....

Uninstalled Ingress - New Dawn 
Copy for public sharing.

Most on my G+ should have realised by now, I like to play Ingress, the augmented reality game, every waking moment. Sometimes aggressively, sometimes planning, sometimes throwing the dummy out of the pram. I have met many a wonderously Enlightened agent whilst playing and quite a few decent Resistance in my 16 months of play. Reached level 14 of 16 and also helped to expand the Enlightened community in Northern Ireland, in relation to contacts and networking within the UK and beyond. 
Many a good friend has been made along the way, that I will never forget.

We all understand Ingress can be amazingly rewarding and also depressingly crushing, sometimes, both at the same time. That bitter/sweet pill that requires a stomach of iron to digest.
Which eventually does come with experience in the game. The attacks no longer are taken personally, like they were, when you were a fledgling.
For me, at this stage in my gameplay, I am not bothered with the way the game is played against me. I am flattered that the Resistance take specific time and go well out of their own way to say hello.
Locally in Northern Ireland, Resistance have the upper hand, not due to numbers but to the aggressive style of play that they employ. 
We Enlightened, chose not to invest as much real life time, petrol and money in our tactics and tend to do what we can, when we can. Thats why we chose Enlightened! 

I do think that both factions, need to understand what is healthy & enjoyable gameplay, for both sides to enjoy. I hope that the new xfaction community in NI can develop this understanding.

Anyways, my main reason and subject heading for the post itself. "New Dawn". What does he mean. Having been married for almost a year now, I am excited to announce that my Gorgeous wife is pregnant and due the end of August. Great times ahead!
So I personally have to alter my existing life to suit this wee bundle of joy, that we are both, eager  to receive. 
Recently learnt to drive for the first time in 22 years, after passing my test at 17. So burnin up the roads now, so I can do what is required, when its required.
Also looked at my free time and identified that Ingress, as much as I loved it, took of vast proportion of my time. Having dozens of hangouts, Telegams groups, G+ communities etc etc, meant scary amounts of effort, daily effort was required.
This time needs to be funneled in another direction now.
So I uninstalled the game for a week.
I realised after a few days.... I did not miss it. I missed the people yes, but not the headaches of the game itself.

So whilst I will not say, I am never playing again. I will like to be asked to local events and anomalies if they occur. So I can meet with these valued individuals I have encountered, whilst playing Ingress.

So its almost goodbye from me... but not quite.

Thanks to everyone I have ever corresponded with or met, who knows, we may do so again in the future.

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Apple will BAN any media doing a bend test video
Apple is committing fraud on a massive scale by selling a flawed device to millions of people willingly. Here might be why we don't see any bend tests on +The Verge CNET +Engadget and +ABC News: One of the major German tech medias +COMPUTER BILD demonstrated to their audience how fragile the iPhone 6 Plus is and Apple's response is to BAN Computer BILD from all future Apple events and early access review units, see +COMPUTER BILD's open letter to Tim Cook:

Apple boycotts COMPUTER BILD: An open letter to Tim Cook

In a video COMPUTER BILD showed how easy it is to bend an iPhone 6 Plus. The reaction from Apple: no more testing devices and no more invites for COMPUTER BILD. It is time for an open letter to Tim Cook.

Huge success for Bentgate video from COMPUTER BILD
This video is a screamer: Axel Telzerow, editor in chief of the german PC magazine COMPUTER BILD, proved how easy it is to bend the iPhone 6 Plus. The 5 minute clip reached over 350,000 people via YouTube. Blogger and TV stations reported about the video. 

Apple boycotts COMPUTER BILD
And Apple? The german PR department of the company reacts in a disturbing way: Instead of answering the questions about why the iPhone 6 Plus is so sensitive, a manager called COMPUTER BILD and told us, that COMPUTER BILD will not get any testing devices and no invites to official events any more.

Open letter to Apple boss Tim Cook
On occasion of this reaction, COMPUTER BILD editor in chief Axel Telzerow applies to Tim Cook via an open letter:

Dear Mr. Tim Cook!
Just like anyone else who is obsessed with digital technology we have eagerly awaited the new iPhone. We felt relief when the head of our telecom department one day shouted “Here we go!”, presenting an invitation to the great event. And certainly we took a flight, went all the way to California, just to tell our readers every detail about the device that you and your company have worked on so hard for such a long time.
When the iPhone 6 Plus finally hit the market we noticed a few reports on a possible problem. According to them the case seemed to be weak, “bendable”, to drop the evil word. Being popular for our tests with utmost scrutiny, we could not leave the subject without comment. Of course that required further tests since testing new products without any prejudice is our obligation to our readers.
And so we bought an iPhone 6 Plus, just to find out whether it was a singular problem or some kind of hoax. The test was quite simple, so we could easily record it on video. Just to prove that what happens is nothing but the truth.
To be honest: We were shocked about how easy it was to bend the device. And so were around 200.000 viewers who watched the video up until now. We can imagine that you and your colleagues must have been shocked, too. This might have been the reason why we got a call from one of your german colleagues the next morning. He was upset, and it was a rather short conversation. “From now on”, he said, “you won’t get any devices for testing purposes and you will not be invited to Apple events in the future.”
Dear Mr. Cook: Is this really how your company wants to deal with media that provide your customers with profound tests of your products? Do you really think that a withdrawal of Apple’s love and affection could have an intimidating effect on us? Luckily we do not have to rely on devices that Apple provides us. Luckily, a lot of readers are willing to pay money for our magazine to keep us independent. So we are able to buy devices to do our tests anyway. Even devices of manufacturers that seem to fear COMPUTER BILD’s independent judgement.
Even if we are quite dismayed about Apple’s reaction, we won’t give up our principles: We will continue our incorruptible tests that have the same high reputation in the german media-landscape as Apple has for its products. So far. We congratulate you to your fine new generation of iPhones, even if one of them has a minor weakness with its casing. But we are deeply disappointed about the lack of respect of your company.

Best regards,
+Axel Telzerow 
Editor in Chief COMPUTER BILD-Group

No reaction by Apple so far
COMPUTER BILD not only published this open letter, but also mailed it directly to Tim Cook and to the European Apple headquarter. There is still no reaction, but we will inform you, once a statement will reach us.

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This is my brothers new vocation as a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist. BCST Have a look and see what its about. Like his page also and share if you please. #BCST #Biodynamic #Craniosacral #Health

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Jadav Peyang in Assam, India has single-handedly planted over 1,360 hectares forest over the course of 30 years and it is now a home to wild elephants, deer, rhinos, and tigers.

Please Follow: +Amazing World 

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