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I tend to gravitate towards Series, YA Fiction, Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Yes, I read classics and more complicated things, but to be honest I don't have a whole lot of time and brain power as of late. I'd like something entertaining. Not into romance or horror AT ALL. I am in a MAJOR reading rut. Any helpful suggestions for new reads? 

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My Take on the Pros & Cons of Homeschooling
I am sure this goes without saying, but the following is my personal take on Homeschooling. I am not a professional by ANY MEANS. This is only my 2nd year at it. Therefore, all my opinions should be considered just that; OPNION. No getting offended by anyth...

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Bucket Lists Can Change
I have been somewhat addicted to Anthony Bourdain shows in the past. I know. He's gritty, crass, unconventional, and very gratifying for me to observe as a culinary mind. He's insightful and open minded about food. He's  unapologetic about his opinion, but ...

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My Facebook Burnout
Yep. I have completely burned out from Facebook.  Ugh... Just thinking about logging on for more than checking in on my daughters Co-Op OR clicking that pesky "Messenger" button to double check that I have not missed any important messages I may have receiv...

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A diary of sorts...
I don't have a lot of readers.  It's the truth.  A fact of life.  Why would I bother blogging?  Well....  #1. I kinda like it.  I am not really sure when it clicked in my head that blogging was no less enjoyable without readers. If I am honest I used to dis...

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My goodness. A post about my vices. This is going to be fun (and humbling).  Anyway, here is some context.  In the past 3 years Hubby & I have been trying to get healthy. He lost 30 lbs in the 1st year and has kept it off and I have gained about 10. I'm gue...

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10 Photos of Foods/Beverages I Don't Enjoy & Why
My idea for this post wasn't actually mine at all. It was my daughter Elena's. She suggested I take last weeks post and just flip it.  Honestly, I'd like to think of myself as a person that is not picky, but alas I am. This post may not be too hard for me t...

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10 Amazing Food & Beverage Photos & Why I Love 'Em
Let's face it. Not every one of my posts will be deep and meaningful. Not that they are normally. Today however centers around these "yummies". Yup. I used the word "yummies". No judgements.  Let's get started. (Clearly these are not all my pictures. I Goog...

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Getaway Time
In two days my family and I are packing up a rental car for an extended weekend away!  I CAN'T WAIT! Guessing you have a general idea about how I feel? Yep. I am pretty ready. Not that things have been so bad at home or anything. Other than the stressors of...
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