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How much does filing for bankruptcy cost in Rockford IL?
The first question I almost always get is, "how much is this going to cost me?" At Springer Law Firm, we have a flat fee rate. The attorney fees are $500, and the filing fees are $335. This means the total for your chapter 7 bankruptcy is only $835, including court costs.
Most firms probably wont even quote you a fee online or over the phone. Here are a couple pointers for getting fee quotes from attorneys.
1. Be careful if they don't quote you a fee online or over the phone. Often they won't because they know they are charging higher than normal fees. These firms will try and get you into the office, where they pressure you to sign up for ridiculously high prices.
2. Ask if the fee quote includes court costs. $1000 bankruptcy might sound like a pretty good deal, but if it doesn't include court costs, you can add an additional $335 to that quote.
3. Make sure the firm doesn't tack on additional fees for reaffirmation agreements, means test calculations, or profit/loss analyses. These services should be included in the total fees for bankruptcy (that's how we do it at Springer Law Firm).
Send us a message if you have any questions about our fees/costs - regardless of what your case entails, we will only charge you $500 in attorney fees.
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Can Bankruptcy stop lawsuits?
Bankruptcy CAN stop lawsuits. It can be a very scary thing when you get served, or find out that you are being sued by a creditor. What are you supposed to do? When are you supposed to go to court? How will you get time off from work to go to court? Questions like these have probably popped u in your mind after being sued by a creditor. I will answer some common questions in regards to lawsuits, starting with how to read lawsuits.  
How to read creditor lawsuits
If a creditor has sued you and you don't know what to do, bankruptcy may be the best option. When a creditor sues you, it is generally in small claims court. You can tell if your case is a small claims case by the case number. In the Winnebago County Circuit Court (and in many of the surrounding circuit courts) the case number will give you some important information. Generally the first numbers are the year in which the case was filed. For example you may see a number 14SC111. Let's break this down for you to understand.
1. First the 14 stands for the year it was filed, or 2014.
2. The SC stands for small claims, meaning the creditor filed a suit in the small claims section of the circuit court.
3. the following numbers are merely for tracking your case.

What is a first appearance?
You will often find a date on the summons or other court documents you receive. This date is generally going to be the first appearance date (I will talk about different dates in a later post). You should show up at this court date (or have your attorney show up for you). If you or your attorney do not show up for this date, then the creditor's attorney will more than likely get a default judgment, which then leads towage garnishment or frozen bank accounts.
Springer Law Firm is one of many bankruptcy law firms based out of Rockford IL. If we have enough notice of your court date we can generally appear on your behalf once you have retained us. Call us at (815) 312-4725 to set up a free consultation and find out how our bankruptcy law firm can help you stop your lawsuits! We have one of the best bankruptcy lawyers at your disposal.
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Another common question I get asked is: Will I lose my car if I file for bankruptcy? The answer (like most answers in bankruptcy) is it depends. In this post I will examine what determines whether you get to keep your vehicle in

    Each state has a series of exemptions (laws that provide protection for your property, like vehicles) that you will use to protect your stuff in bankruptcy. In Illinois, you have a $2,400 exemption for your vehicle. This means that if the value of your vehicle is less than $2,400, you get to keep it. Additionally, each debtor is given a $4,000 "wildcard" exemption in Illinois. This means that you can allocate $4,000 to protect miscellaneous property, except you cannot use it to protect real estate. If you have a lot of your wildcard left over (the wildcard has to be used to protect your household goods like furniture, appliances, and TV's) you can use what is left over as additional protection for your vehicle. Let me provide an example:
   Say for example you have a vehicle worth about $3,500. You have no loan on the vehicle (I will discuss the impact loans have later on in this post). Say all of your household goods are valued at about $2,000. We would use $2,000 of the wildcard exemption to protect your household goods, which would leave us with $2,000 of the wildcard to use wherever else we want. If there was no other property for us to protect with the wildcard we would apply it towards your vehicle. We would first use the vehicle exemption of $2,400 on your vehicle, which would leave $1,100 exposed equity (exposed equity is the value left after we apply the exemption). We would therefore use $1,100 from the left over wildcard to protect the remaining equity in the vehicle. Your vehicle would therefore be completely protected, and you would still have $900 of wildcard exemption to use for other property. If you had absolutely no other property, we would throw the rest of the wildcard on the vehicle, just to protect it if for some reason the Trustee thinks the vehicle is worth more than $3,500

What if I have a loan on my vehicle?
In bankruptcy, having a loan on your vehicle can be a good thing. First, the amount of the loan is taken into account when determining how much equity we need to protect. For example, if your car is valued at $10,000, but you have a loan for $9,000 on your car, then we only have to protect the $1,000 difference. If your car is worth less than the amount of the loan then we don't have to protect anything. However, having a loan on your vehicle makes your bankruptcy a little more complex, as we will need to reaffirm your loan. I will discuss Reaffirmation in a later post. I know this can be confusing so feel free to visit Springer Law Firm's Website and contact me with any questions.
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Springer Law Firm provides $500 bankruptcy for people in the Rockford, IL area, which will stop lawsuits, garnishments, repossessions, foreclosures, medical bills, credit card debt, and other debt for a low cost.
At Springer Law Firm, a lot of people ask me what it will cost them to file bankruptcy: I charge $500 for attorney fees, and currently the court charges $306 to file a case, so you can expect the total amount to be $806. These are all the fees you will be required to pay for a chapter 7 bankruptcy, regardless of what your case entails. Contact us at (815) 312-4725 to discuss your case and how bankruptcy can help you.
A chapter 7 bankruptcy will eliminate most of your debt (examples of debt that won't be eliminated are: student loans, certain tax debts, owed child support or maintenance)
A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is where you pay back a percentage of your debt over a period of 3-5 years. You will make monthly payments for these years. The lowest monthly payment you can expect is $100; however, depending on what is involved in your case, your monthly payment may be higher.
Check out our website for more info:
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When you have lived in financial crisis it can be hard to believe that it can ever be over with any kind of positive outcome. We are here to tell you it can be done and we can show you how. We are committed to standing by you every step of the bankruptcy process. Our mission is NOT to add to your financial challenges with inflated costs or to surprise you when you are in our office with hidden fees. We are devoted to NO HIDDEN FEES and to make what fees you are charged one of the MOST REASONABLE in the area. ONLY $500 attorney fees and the court currently charges  $306 to file bankruptcy, until June 1, 2014 Total you can expect to pay $806. That is straightforward honesty. Call us now for a FREE CONSULTATION! 815.312.4725
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Restore finacial stability without fear of hidden attorney fees. Contact us today for a FREE CONSULTATION!
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