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torrance lydem (Taterpie)


After some consultation with my local teammates, we'd like the option for team based missions. Could you do that for us #ingress? This is a team based game after all.
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Ok, THAT is what I was asking about- What you might have in mind, and what your intent is! Something we all can contribute to and make suggestions.
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torrance lydem (Taterpie)

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Agent: taterpie
Level: 15
Faction: resistance
Started playing: 8/31/2013
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This is my only mission. I created it awhile ago. I'm working on another that will be just as hard. So far only two agents have completed it. Me and someone from the other faction. 
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This one took me 3.5 hours. If you want to do it quicker, I'd suggest doing it in tandem with another agent. You could trade off who captures and who upgrades, and you would each use less xmps to kill the portals. Plus, you'd end up with l6 portals.
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Dear #ingress,
Don't change anything about the missions. People that are upset about their guardians getting added to a mission should just accept that it is part of the game to have a portal they own get attacked. If that portal is what they consider to be a guardian, then that is too bad. And, don't take away the guardian badge either. It is the hardest badge to acquire, and I like it that way. I've been playing for over a year, and I just got my 90 day badge. I feel lucky. I hope I get my 150 day badge. If I don't, then,oh well, I'll try again.
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No portal is owned by any one player. Whether its next to your home or not. And you're not supposed to name agents. So anyone who makes a mission that does can be reported for tos violation.
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