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How to install Laravel Spark on Centos 7
So I spent more hours than I care to admit, just trying to get Laravel Spark up and running on my brand new Centos server. I have to say, it was less than enjoyable. To that end, I thought I'd type up a quick tutorial on how to make it happen. The primary p...

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Creating an FTP server on AWS with Centos
So I needed a micro server that would host files for a VERY dump ftp server. The use case was simple. Protect our production server while opening up ftp access for one specific client to one specific set of files. On my production server, I'll setup an rsyn...

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Custom phone car mount
I was over at microcenter a couple weeks ago and picked up a generic phone mount for my truck. It mounts in the vent and has a nice ball joint for adjusting. Similar to this: Perfect, I thought. Then I installed it and headed down the road... One problem, w...

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Postgresql upgrade issues
So I am prepping for an upgrade of postgres from version 9.2 to 9.4. Since this is a major version upgrade, I chose to use pg_upgrade to try and minimize downtime. My first attempt in one of our dev environments went fairly well, up until I actually launche...

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First go with AliExpress
So in search of some components for some arduino/rasp-pi hacking, I was getting frustrated with cost of some of the most basic components. I should not have to spend $10-15 on a simple Temperature & Humidity sensor! Sadly, that is one of the cheaper compone...

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Paper making: Take 1
So yesterday, I took my first stab at making paper. It's part of a larger goal of making my own Journal. It wasn't perfect, but you've gotta start somewhere. Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of the process, only the results. When I run my second trial...

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60 Seconds in the life of the internet!!!

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Installing Zabbix on Jelastic
For months, I have looked over several paid and open source
server monitoring products, and have seem to landed on Zabbix . It's an enterprise ready,
fully open source, fully free, monitor ANYTHING platform. As I have been evaluating Jelastic as a future ...

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Setting up a Postgresql Database Adapter with ZF2
Setting up Database access with Zend Framework 2 can feel a lot more intimidating then it really is. I partially blame the confusing nature of complex documentation along with the lack of good code samples. I am hoping to help with the second part of this e...

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Getting started with Apigility
Rationale During  ZendCon 2013 , I was excited to hear about a new toolset called Apigility that the folks of Zend Framework have just released. It is an API toolset built on top of ZF2 . The exciting thing is that this Apigility takes care of all the API d...
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