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Beyond the Frontier of Indoor Environmental Diagnostics
Beyond the Frontier of Indoor Environmental Diagnostics

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NICHOLAS CAGE'S ex claims her rental house is infested with toxic black mold that makes her sick -- and tells TMZ that's why she stopped paying rent ... and got slapped with an eviction notice. 

We broke the story ... Christina Fulton and her son Weston Cage's landlord claims they missed two months worth of rent -- totaling $12,000 -- but now Christina's saying they weren't even living in the house because the mold problem was killing her.

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MOLD and tree pollens are today’s snuffy-nose-inducing allergen demons, according to a UT Health Northeast pollen report. Blossoming pine, oak, mulberry maple, pecan, alder, walnut and juniper are clocking in a 106 grains per cubic meter of air, edging trees into the high category. High is between 91 and 1,500 grains per cubic meter of air. Meanwhile, molds are blasting out at 4,758 GCM. Anything between 2,501 and 25,000 is considered.

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Mr. +Todd Cooper   is one happy biochemist. He is standing next to +Assured Bio Labs   brand new Gas Chromatography system. It is a top of the line Agilent GC7890b.  With addition of the GC our chemistry capability has significantly expanded.

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Mold exposure in the home raises the risk of asthma symptoms in middle age, according to a new study from Australia.  The more mold participants reported having seen in their homes, the greater their asthma symptoms, researchers found. Men were especially vulnerable with a four-fold increase in the odds of having non-allergic asthma after recent exposure to visible mold.
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