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Worked at this is a hard one as I've done so many different varied gigs since age 15 then a break when I was in art school.. kind of -almost- a you name it, I've done it! very funny resume if I list all!!
Attended art school
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Jane Millerick

> In the news  - 
Here's one case where there was a kind of justice ..
(doesn't change what happened to the man or his house or anything else)..
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#rescueonly #deathrowjuly12 #deaf1yearold
Ok; this one you'd need to read. Aslo a couple of others I did not share as they are similar; need someone with experience or
rescue only which you'll need to read here about.. thanks!!
+Camilo Rubinos thank you..
Spayed female about a year old and approximately 44lbs.
Located at Staten Island ACC id #1003620

Chloe is high energy. She became uncomfortable during handling and is rated rescue only.

Helper: 1003466 Chloe became stiff and uncomfortable during paw handling, and would be best suited for a home with no small children. She became very excitable on the tag test, and jumped on the assessor strongly. Chloe took the toy and rawhide items away with stiff body language on this portion of the assessment. She rushed in quickly during the dog-dog test, but showed no aggression. Look: 1. Dog's eyes are averted, with tail wagging and ears back. She allows head to be held loosely in Assessor's cupped hands. Sensitivity: 1. Dog leans into the Assessor, eyes soft or squinty, soft and loose body, open mouth. Tag: 2. Dog assumes play position and joins the game. She indicates play with huffing, soft 'popping' of the body. Chloe is easily aroused, and jumps on the assessor strongly during play. Squeeze 1: 3. Dog closes mouth, becomes stiff. Flank 1: 4. Dog head flips while simultaneously air snapping. Food. No interest. Toy 3. Dog takes away, keeps a firm hold. Her body is stiff. Rawhide 3. Dog takes rawhide away, keeps a firm hold. Her body is stiff. Dog - dog 3. Dog approaches the helper dog by rushing in with her tail high, stiff body, head tall, and ears erect.

#nydeathrowdogs #urgentpart2
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#statenisland #asap #deathjuly12 #2yrsold #handsome #experiencedperson he does need someone who can train him;
lots of 2 yr old energy and will need to learn some new tricks.
very handsome guy!! scheduled to die; caught kennel cough (not serious!) and although just there a week, they are going to ..
+Camilo Rubinos 
MUSTANG to be destroyed sat july 12 Staten Island, NY

** Stunning, good dog who just needs an experienced owner!! **
This handsome 2 year old desperately needs a miracle. He came in a week ago as healthy as could be but quickly got sick in the shelter. He seems to be a classic case of a puppy who did not receive the proper training and grew up to be a dog in need of a few good manners. He is a healthy size and weight and did extremely well on parts of his evaluation, indicating that he has loads of potential. He needs someone who will take the time to work with him and make him the best dog he can be. If you are an experienced owner who would like a great companion for many years to come then Mustang is your guy. You must act immediately, though. They will kill him tomorrow at noon. Please consider giving Mustang the miracle of life. He needs you now. Click his photo for all info on saving his life. YOU CAN RESERVE HIM ONLINE NOW~ PLEASE SHARE THIS URGENT DEATH ROW DOG!
My name is MUSTANG. My Animal ID # is A1005463

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#asap #srsmalldog #shihtzhu #7yrs #brooklynny
#deathlisted He'd been named BamBam and used to be a family pet. He's trained etc etc but .. is terrified now and hasn't a clue as to why he got where he is.
thanks, +Camilo Rubinos 
BAM BAM to be destroyed sat july 12 brooklyn, ny

Beautiful & sweet BAB BAM is a 7 tear old SHIH TZUU, who spent his entire lifeas a FAMILY PET. Given up, he has no idea what has happened to him, or WHY? He is scared to DEATH!!! Bam Bam is a good boy, Knows commands, is housetrained & playful! Please start applying to New Hope Rescues, RIGHT NOW, to SAVE his Precious Life! When he EXITS the building, & trots off to YOUR HOME, with YOU, he will be so proud, loving & Loyal & a VERY happy BOY!
Please do it NOW, Tomorrow comes VERY quickly, & as they have FAST tracked him to this dreaded list, he will be GONE @ NOON, tomorrow. HELP, Please!

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#vets #vadisgrace
..another very sad and (it seems) seriously wrong death for a former
serviceman ..
J-Poematic Rareone's profile photoJaedo Youn's profile photoGulf War Syndrome (Glenn Stewart)'s profile photoJane Millerick's profile photo
+Gulf War Syndrome (Glenn Stewart) I can't see why the f**k there can possibly be any excuse for this. I mean .. has to be the same man (from that other article) who was in the caf and 'coded.' (!!!bleeding from his mouth?!). I think that site might be a possible good source for some stories as when i clicked on 'veterans' I got a whole damn page of incidents different places dating back. only happened on to that site
via a medical news email thing I get.
I am livid at that hospital. do not give two shits how 'big' it is. 500 yards is 500 yards. it's not two city blocks dick heads!
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Amy Winehouse/ Paul Weller .. I Heard it Thru the Grapevine ..
on the Jools Holland Show ..
one can see some of the other guests who
were on that same night as the camera
pans around digging this song and Amy...
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#asap #july12deathrow #18mosold #femmepitty
This girl is in dire need; used or breeding (my guess) and dumped.
Hope someone might rescue/ adopt/ foster/ spring her!!
+Camilo Rubinos 
Female about 18 months old and approximately 50lbs.
Located at Manhattan ACC id #1005619

Starla is a very friendly and relaxed girl. She did awesome on her behavior evaluation and is rated average.

07/07/2014 WEB MEMO
A volunteer writes: Starla is a pretty and very girly looking young female who was found as a stray. She was still lactating when she was separated from her puppies. They most likely were big enough to live without her help.. Starla looks a bit on the thin side. Her coat is sparkling white. She really shines in her kennel. Like so many females in the same predicament, Starla is very hungry and needy of human affection. She comes on my lap as soon as we enter a large pen, covering me with kisses and clinging to me for dear life. She leaves my side quickly to inspect another dog coming to our gate. She is clearly wary of them. Pregnancy and lactation do change the behavior in animals, even domesticated. Starla walks fast in the street and eliminates in one spot. She can sit on command and does not mind the eye of the camera. I guess, Starla would do anything to please her caretaker. Lovely Starla is at the Manhattan Care Center. Her babes are gone. She is the one now who needs your attention, your love and your care to become a happy and healthy forever best friend.

#nydeathrowdogs #urgentpart2
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#beauty1yrold #deathlistjuly12 #petitefemmepitty
Read about this doll below; is at #nycny
thanks, +Camilo Rubinos 
REESES to be destroyed sat july 12 manhattan ny

REESES (A1005121)
A volunteer writes: “The color of peanut butter and the undisputed queen of belly rubs!! Miss Reeses is a beautiful brindle girl, perfect weight, compact, energetic and loving. Her tail was thumping against the side of the kennel each time she saw me, so there was no question we were going out. She has great energy and loves people, wanting to meet all that we passed in the street. Playful and friendly, she jumps up for hugs and kisses and literally would jump into my arms if I were bigger. I suspect that when she was smaller someone taught her to jump into their arms, and she does not disappoint. She's smart, sits for treats and gently enjoys them so will learn quickly with proper positive training. She seems to like other dogs, tail wagging appropriately at those we passed in the park. Off leash in the backyard she first comes to sit by my side, draping her head in my lap for some kisses, rolling down and over for a belly rub every chance she gets. And what a cute white belly!!” How can you not fall in love after you read that!!!! I cannot understand why Reeses is still here, she has stolen the hearts of all the volunteers, why not you? The thought of Reeses not being here tomorrow is unthinkable. Reeses has made the dreaded Kill List. She is only 1 year old for crying out loud!!!! Don’t let Reeses leave this earth way before her time. Share her for a forever home. Life wouldn’t be the same without this candy girl. She is such a great catch that the ACC is allowing you to reserve her online without the help of a rescue. But don’t wait too long because tomorrow you will need one to step in. but why wait that long!!! Reserve her now. Reeses needs you, don’t let her down.

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sure hope someone comes or this girl. she's just a doll; so pretty and such a nice looking girl. wish I could.
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#asap #july12deathlist #labador #dog #brooklynny
another; really needs someone to get him the hell out of Dodge.
he too is 7 (an unlucky age to be this week apparently).
thanks, +Camilo Rubinos 
MAX in BROOKLYN NY to be destroyed sat july 12
7 Year Old Alert 

please foster or adopt
sweet , good boy.
Video MAX - A1005415 Brooklyn ACC

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Jane Millerick

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#dog #asap #july12 #6yroldsmall #shiutzu
He has been named Hickory as they did not know his name; he was left tied up outside to a tree. He's roughly 6 and will be on
death row tomorrow unless adopted or fostered.
thanks, +Camilo Rubinos #nycny  
HICKORY to be destroyed sat july 12 manhattan ny

★ Beautiful 6-year old little Shih Tzu boy found tied up outside left to die 
SAVE HIS LIFE > Reserve/adopt little Hickory via the below ACC link OR apply to ‪#‎Foster‬ or ‪#‎Adopt‬ with rescues right NOW NOW NOW!! Just DO IT!!!! Do NOT let this sweet boy die!!! ►HURRY * They start killing at 12 noon & already have a little body bag ready for him ****************************************
_ HICKORY_A1005024_DIES_7/12_@Manhattan_NY_Shelter 
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#vets #vadisgrace  
.. now maybe it's me but .. this really doesn't shed a great deal of light
on why this man died. In fact, it brings up a question.
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what got me about the story was .. '..we called our rapid response (whatever) and ..' some sort of 'reason' that they wouldn't respond.
same facility, etc. it simply made little sense. story came via a link via a
medical articles (with links) site.. so .. I had to scroll was down on the pg just to see this tiny paragraph about this man. awful! hope that at least the people there knew him and he them..
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Jane Millerick

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Credence Clearwater Revival   .. I Heard it Thru the Grapevine   ..
Troy Martin's profile photoJane Millerick's profile photo
I'll post some pics tomorrow when I figure out how lol. I'm not to g+ sharp yet we have jazz and PrettyBoy also and two board with them we love too 
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Last employment was in field of computer graphics/ color darkroom back when it was all about slide shows in '90's
A number of different things.. home repairs; some mechanics. Know a bit of darkroom as this was a hobby for a time. simply many things which I've needed to know. oh; some gardening as well, and basic 'dog.'
  • this is a hard one as I've done so many different varied gigs since age 15 then a break when I was in art school.. kind of -almost- a you name it, I've done it! very funny resume if I list all!!
    Have had so damn many gigs (worked since 15 at something) this would be difficult to list. I've always had to write resumes in a creative manner. So .. given my age, employment spans from the mid 1960's on. Some of this, enjoyable, some not so much and then there've been those which were simply heinous. (Doubt anyone hasn't had these same sort of experiences with the really dreadful and short lived jobs).
Map of the places this user has livedMap of the places this user has livedMap of the places this user has lived
Other profiles
artist/ occasional photographer who isn't yet with digital as I'm old school SLR. (brain does not like digi camera much)..
currently not working as I've got this autoimmune thing; not happy when I am not able to work. 
(you know how you need income for food, stuff like that? well, not having enough each month or just barely gets old mighty damn quick!). 
what I have hasn't a cure. it is ME/ CFS aka myalgiac encephalelomyelitis or chronic fatigue syndrome. and fibromyalgia tossed in for good measure although many have that one as well.
hate writing this stuff about 'me' first as it is not all I am about! but .. it does affect me, hinders me and even online...
I get a thing called 'brain fog' meaning I'll have these weird memory lapses. there are also cognitive effects; emotional, practically you name it (wiki does a fair job in description).
things for me could be worse.. could be better; whatever! did discover it gives me something of a learning disability; thinking that this may well be the why about the damn digi camera thing. not to mention a number of computer things (great finding that learning/ cognitive thing out; damn study done this past year).

gotta have a sense of humor. at all times! mine just happens to lean toward cynical, dark...

more personal kind of stuff .. zero tolerance here for those who are bigots. for those who do not like someone for their sexual preferences, for their ... lifestyle, culture; think you might get the idea..

absolutely adore music!! just live for that stuff! also art, photography, books.

love, respect and adore animals! do not believe in keeping a wild animal as a pet. dogs, cats within reason. (oh yeah; spay! neuter! adopt!). some exceptions to the exotic animal
thing would be .. you rescue something/ someone, that kind of thing.. 

I do live in a city so many think of as just the bomb. my 'hood is like .. well, not a very nice area. 

love to read and have since I learned as a kid in school (always an avid reader). currently it's more fiction than other things for the reason of having lost concentration abilities greatly since becoming ill. (miss that! it's kind of like you get stupid when you get sick; you drop a bunch of IQ points which is disquieting!).

all i can think of. prefer to correspond/ interact with people at least close to my age. can't get why anyone much younger would even be interested....?
Bragging rights
survived some stuff I was rather surprised I did, but I think many have that one.
  • art school
    fine art; painter, also do slr photo/ learning digi slowly..
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May 16, 1952
It's complicated
Other names
Stambaugh; would have been best to have kept 'maiden' name as this would have pleased my dad and I'd be happier with it as well.
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