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Worked at this is a hard one as I've done so many different varied gigs since age 15 then a break when I was in art school.. kind of -almost- a you name it, I've done it! very funny resume if I list all!!
Attended art school
Lives in NYC
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Muddy Waters ~The Real Folk Blues & More Real Folk Blues~
uTube channel is: Apalanque Rural (New posts daily; great ones!)
The Real Folk Blues:
01 - Mannish Boy
02 - Screamin' And Cryin'
03 - Just To Be With You
04 - Walking Through the Park
05 - Walkin' Blues
06 - Canary Bird
07 - The Same Thing
08 - Gypsy Woman
09 - Rollin' And Tumblin'
10 - Forty Days and Forty Nights
11 - Little Geneva
12 - You Can't Lose What You Ain't Never Had
More Real Folk Blues:
13 - Sad Letter Blues
14 - You're Gonna Need My Help I Said
15 - Sittin Here and Drinkin' (Whiskey Blues)
16 - Down South Blues
17 - Train Fare Home Blues
18 - Kind Hearted Woman
19 - Appealing Blues(Hello Little Girl)
20 - Early Morning Blues
21 - Too Young To Know
22 - She's All Right
23 - Landlady
24 - Honey Bee
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#DeathRowDog   #22ndJanuary2017   #BrooklynShelter   #Adopt  
#Foster   #NYCACC   #Male2YrsApx66Lbs  He came in as a stray
and hasn't been there long; a really sweet guy who used to be somebody's baby. He adores attention. Seriously! Isn't neutered
and very much macho. (Loved the lady dog in a way not cool, although he was all right with correction.) He's a gorgeous guy,
and would be a superb companion for someone. Read below!
To Be Destroyed Jan 22 Brooklyn NY
Pretzel was very friendly and social towards the assessor. He
was very friendly during intake-loose body, tail wagging. Allowed all handling, collaring, and scanning for microchip. He is 2 Years Old and scored the coveted rating of Average on his behavioral eval at the ACC.
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I would take him if I could :((
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Jane Millerick

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Son Seals ~Landlord at My Door/ Watching Every Move You Make~
Modern Electric Chicago Blues 1980
Buy his records:
Frank "Son" Seals (August 13, 1942 – December 20, 2004) was an American electric blues guitarist and singer.
Read more about the man here:
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#Africa   #Gambia   #AwaitingANewLeader   #AdamaBarrow  
Yahya Jammeh, the former Gambian president, has left the country after he finally agreed to step down following 22 years of rule.

Jammeh and his family headed into political exile on Saturday night, ending a 22-year reign of fear and a post-election political standoff that threatened to provoke a regional military intervention when he clung to power.
As he mounted the stairs to the plane, he turned to the crowd, kissed his Qur’an and waved one last time to supporters, including soldiers who cried at his departure.
The flight came almost 24 hours after Jammeh announced on state television he was ceding power to the newly inaugurated Adama Barrow, in response to mounting international pressure calling for his departure.
Though tens of thousands of Gambians had fled the country during his rule, Jammeh supporters flocked to the airport to see him walk the red carpet to his plane.
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#SouthKorea   #ArrestsCultureMinister   #Arts   #Blacklist  
South Korean prosecutors have arrested the culture minister for suspected involvement in drawing up a blacklist of artists, writers and entertainers critical of President Park Geun-hye amid a graft scandal that led to Park’s impeachment.
Cho Yoon-sun became the first sitting minister ever to be arrested, said the special prosecutor’s team investigating the scandal.
Cho had offered to quit, the Yonhap news agency reported, adding that the prime minister, Hwang Kyo-ahn, who is acting president while the constitutional court decides what happens to Park, would accept her resignation quickly.
South Korea has been gripped by crisis for months and Park could become the first democratically elected leader to be removed from office if her impeachment by parliament is upheld.
Seoul’s central district court said on Saturday that Cho was arrested because her crime had been “verified and there were concerns over destruction of evidence”.
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#Syria   #RussiaAndTurkey #Iran    #TheKazahkTalks  
Key parties in Syria’s brutal civil war, now stretching towards the end of its sixth year, will meet in the Kazakh capital of Astana this week for a new round of peace talks.
Organised by Russia and Turkey, and backed by Iran, these are the latest in many attempts to shift Syria’s conflict from battlefield to negotiating table.
The conflict has already claimed up to half a million lives and displaced half the pre-war population of 22 million from their homes. But past efforts to end the fighting have come to little, hindered by everything from a lack of trust or any real interest in talks to the absence of powerful Syrian players and their foreign backers.
This latest attempt comes after a huge shift in the balance of power on the ground in Syria that may have created an opening for talks. The meeting has the support of international players whose money and weapons have shaped the progress of the war, and follows a ceasefire that has curbed fighting across much of the country since late December and that has also helped build trust.
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Son Seals ~Dear Son~
2004 Modern Electric Chicago Blues
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#DeathRowDog   #22ndJanuary2017   #BrooklynShelter   #Adopt  
#Foster   #NYCACC   #3Yrs58LbsMale  He's a great guy; lost his
family due to eviction. (Pretty sure he's got kennel cough; curable,
but they euth dogs when they become ill.) He's well behaved, and
you can read all about the guy below and at link. Handsome
brindle guy too!
A volunteer writes: Meet Tucker, our bilingual canine! That’s right! Tucker knows the commands ‘sit’ and ‘come’ in both Spanish and English, and given his high motivation for food (comida!), I am sure he can be taught many more. We’re told that Tucker has lived with kids (ninos!) and another dog, and got along harmoniously with them, even sleeping with his puppy pal (awww). On our walks, Tucker is always very mild-mannered, quick to do his “business”, and then get in as much cuddle time as possible with me. It’s hard to resist his mushy jowls and strong advances–trust me–he’s going to give you lots of kisses (besos!) whether you like it or not! He seems friendly toward other dogs (perros!), even wiggling and wagging at another passing puppy. When I return him to his kennel, he’s quick to curl up and fall asleep…it seems he’s “tuckered out” from our time together. Whether you speak Spanish or English, one language we can all understand is love, and there’s no greater love than that of a dog–ask to meet Tucker today!

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Jane Millerick

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#DeathRowDog   #22ndJanuary2017   #NYCshelter   #Adopt  
#Foster   #Male4YrsApx55Lbs   #NYCACC  Whoah; he's a totally
great guy! He's not so leash trained (pulls) and adores play. Other dogs, people whatever; he'll take any! Brought in as a stray w/
Neptune (both pit mixes.) Just a riot this guy is, and someone could
have a wonderful life adding him. He can go to a home w/ another
dog (they should meet to be sure.) The guy called Mars? A prize.
A volunteer writes: Hubba, hubba, hunka, hunka! Mars is a seriously stunning big blockhead, low-to-the-ground boy. Quiet in his kennel awaiting his turn for a walk, he pottied the moment we were outside, and off we go to the park. Mars gives delicious stand up hugs, is alert, curious, friendly and stunning — yes — it needs repeating! His coat shines in the sun, his eyes are bright and mischievous, and he absolutely stole my heart when he did the funniest thing ever! We pass a mirrored door on our way, and Mars stops, looks at the dog looking back at him and play bows to his own reflection! Hysterical! Cutest thing ever! Mars purrs and snorts with some loving (which he so enjoys), is bouncy and playful, and loved a game of tug with me. I let him win, but don’t tell him that! I invited him up on the bench with me but he wouldn’t come up, instead rolling into my legs as I pet him. Perhaps he wasn’t allowed on furniture where he lived before? At 4 years old he’s done with the puppy crazies, but still enjoys play time, fun time and lots of love. Yes, there is life on Mars, and he’s here waiting to meet you.
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Jane Millerick

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#France   #FarRightCandidate  
France’s far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen called on voters across Europe to “wake up” and follow the example of US and British voters.
Speaking at an unprecedented meeting in Germany of Europe’s rightwing populist parties, she said Brexit would unleash an unstoppable wave of “all the dominoes of Europe”. And after Brexit, she added, before an audience of several hundred, the election of Donald Trump was a “second coup”.
“His position on Europe is clear. He does not support a system of the oppression of peoples,” she said, to enthusiastic applause. “2016 was the year the Anglo-Saxon world woke up. I am certain 2017 will be the year when the people of continentalEurope wake up.”
The meeting, in the central German city of Koblenz, was organised by Marcus Pretzell of Germany’s Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party, under the slogan “Freedom for Europe”.
Elizabeth Halloway's profile photoLisa Straanger's profile photo
Well they're half right.  People voted against the status quo... not for whatever shit they're shoveling.
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Jane Millerick

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#DeathRowDog   #22ndJanuary2017   #Male3Yrs62Lbs  
#NYCshelter   #NYCACC   #Adopt   #Foster  He's only been there
since the 16th of January 2017, but ..nonetheless, this stray guy
has gotten on the euth list. He needs to be with someone who's
experienced. He's not a small guy, no doubt strong, but he's not
one who guards his stuff and he loves to play. You can read more
below and there's a vid too.
A volunteer writes: Pop the cork, it’s time to celebrate! I’ve just met the pup of my dreams. 3 year-old Champagne is so much more than a party in a glass. First, there’s his coat, like cinnamon swirled with sugar, with that beautiful, black muzzle added just to spice things up. Then there are those eyes. A mesmerizing hazel, dark like a freshly baked brownie, and every single bit as warm and inviting. Then — and here’s the kicker — there are Champagne’s picture-perfect manners. Our celebratory boy walks beautifully on leash, sits for his treats, and has no problem with you taking away even his favorite toys. Speaking of toys — he loves them! He can amuse himself with one forever, but of course he’d rather you get in on the action. Being so full of fun and life, and such a lover of people, Champagne of course is none too fond of his kennel. He barks quite a bit but, well, just like his namesake, he’s only waiting, waiting, waiting to come out! And of course that’s how Champagne’s meant to be enjoyed. Our Champagne is sweet, bubbly, delicious, and bright ,and you needn’t wait for a special occasion to meet him. He’s ready to be loved today.
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Jane Millerick

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#Miraculous   #ItalySurvivalOfAvalanche  
It was one of the few holidays that Giampiero Parete, a 38-year-old chef, and his family had ever taken together – a handful of days at a spa hotel in Farindola, a popular ski resort three hours east of Rome in central Italy’s Abruzzo region.
Before the peak ski season, Parete wanted to take advantage of the discounted rates at the usually expensive Rigopiano hotel, about 3,900 feet above sea level in the lower Gran Sasso mountain range. His boss, Quintino Marcella, owner of L’Isola Felice, a restaurant in Silvi Marina, a seaside resort on the Abruzzo coast, received a message from him on Tuesday. “There was splendid sunshine, they were relaxing and enjoying the snow,” he said. On the same day the management of the Rigopiano, tweeted: “A dream Tuesday … the snow is giving us spectacular scenery!”
Barely 24 hours later, the dream turned into a nightmare after the hotel was struck by a powerful avalanche that trapped all but two of the registered guests and staff inside. Parete was one of the two. The other was Fabio Salzetta, a hotel maintenance worker.
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Last employment was in field of computer graphics/ color darkroom back when it was all about slide shows in '90's
A number of different things.. home repairs; some mechanics. Know a bit of darkroom as this was a hobby for a time. simply many things which I've needed to know. oh; some gardening as well, and basic 'dog.'
  • this is a hard one as I've done so many different varied gigs since age 15 then a break when I was in art school.. kind of -almost- a you name it, I've done it! very funny resume if I list all!!
    Have had so damn many gigs (worked since 15 at something) this would be difficult to list. I've always had to write resumes in a creative manner. So .. given my age, employment spans from the mid 1960's on. Some of this, enjoyable, some not so much and then there've been those which were simply heinous. (Doubt anyone hasn't had these same sort of experiences with the really dreadful and short lived jobs).
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artist/ occasional photographer who isn't yet with digital as I'm old school SLR. (brain does not like digi camera much)..
currently not working as I've got this autoimmune thing; not happy when I am not able to work. 
(you know how you need income for food, stuff like that? well, not having enough each month or just barely gets old mighty damn quick!). 
what I have hasn't a cure. it is ME/ CFS aka myalgiac encephalelomyelitis or chronic fatigue syndrome. and fibromyalgia tossed in for good measure although many have that one as well.
hate writing this stuff about 'me' first as it is not all I am about! but .. it does affect me, hinders me and even online...
I get a thing called 'brain fog' meaning I'll have these weird memory lapses. there are also cognitive effects; emotional, practically you name it (wiki does a fair job in description).
things for me could be worse.. could be better; whatever! did discover it gives me something of a learning disability; thinking that this may well be the why about the damn digi camera thing. not to mention a number of computer things (great finding that learning/ cognitive thing out; damn study done this past year).

gotta have a sense of humor. at all times! mine just happens to lean toward cynical, dark...

more personal kind of stuff .. zero tolerance here for those who are bigots. for those who do not like someone for their sexual preferences, for their ... lifestyle, culture; think you might get the idea..

absolutely adore music!! just live for that stuff! also art, photography, books.

love, respect and adore animals! do not believe in keeping a wild animal as a pet. dogs, cats within reason. (oh yeah; spay! neuter! adopt!). some exceptions to the exotic animal
thing would be .. you rescue something/ someone, that kind of thing.. 

I do live in a city so many think of as just the bomb. my 'hood is like .. well, not a very nice area. 

love to read and have since I learned as a kid in school (always an avid reader). currently it's more fiction than other things for the reason of having lost concentration abilities greatly since becoming ill. (miss that! it's kind of like you get stupid when you get sick; you drop a bunch of IQ points which is disquieting!).

all i can think of. prefer to correspond/ interact with people at least close to my age. can't get why anyone much younger would even be interested....?
Bragging rights
survived some stuff I was rather surprised I did, but I think many have that one.
  • art school
    fine art; painter, also do slr photo/ learning digi slowly..
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l've shopped here since the 1970's; l won't even buy jeans elsewhere. Oh; also have a great Carhardt coat l got here.
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