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Anne Simonen
I'm a lit major stuck in an engineer's body, wishing I lived in the Who-niverse :)
I'm a lit major stuck in an engineer's body, wishing I lived in the Who-niverse :)

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New song that I'm enjoying.

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New earworm that I am loving. 

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Interested in #music  ? So am I! And I listen to a lot of it, and generally stuff you won't find on a Top-40 list. If you want me to pass on my earworms, let me know! 

Anybody interested in getting all my music posts? I listen to mostly Canadian independent music of varying degrees of popularity, punk, American independent music, whatever floats my fancy. Post and I'll add you!

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New Post! Six things I learned in the first six weeks of my first "real" job.

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New Post! Who Do We Vote For?

Times have changed and now we are no longer voting for somebody who is allowed to have independent thoughts; they are just hands to be raised during important votes. I'm not cool with that.

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Holy crap! Another new post! Two in one week! You guys are so lucky.

I write about why it is important we have a pen or sword to believe in when we try to change the world.

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New Post! What went wrong at Etobicoke Centre, what the elections clerks did wrong, and what the CONSTITUENTS did wrong.

(If you ever want to stop being my friend, complain about how you didn't get to vote on election day. Just try it)

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Genius Tip

Biking to the grocery store? Clip your pannier to the shopping cart so you know everything will fit! That, and you won't have the hook stabbing you, and you don't have to carry it.

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I saved 3 people from drowning before I was 16, two of whom were within arm's length of a wall. One of them, the mother was watching and didn't know. This is absolutely critical knowledge.
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