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Green W. Envi
"Haters Gonna Hate"
"Haters Gonna Hate"


I need to make a comeback!

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This was my big break into show business.  Lol!  Thanks +mekahlo medina.

Maybe I should be more active on Google+.

hey hey hey

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Green W. Envy hung out with 1 person. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Renzo Zambrano

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I was going green before it was cool.

Who doesn't like a little green in their lives?

Damn, it's late.

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To the people of G+ that are up to some fun I have a task for you.. In my last post +John Fanavans gave a detailed list on how to game the system and make it on to the What's hot section..

So everyone knows I am silly and I want to test this theory out..

I would like for everyone that is up for it, to +1, re-share and tag anyone into the post that is willing to play along so we can test this theory out..

I know this might take some work..

So the top 5 people that cause the biggest ripple in this experiment will get A FREE candy bar from me, mailed any where in the world..
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