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Second Verse 4/29 Update
Hey guys! It's come to my attention that there was a giant flub with
some of the B&N pre-order of Second Verse. If you ordered this and
did not receive the right files, please send me an email to so I can ensure you get the ...

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Completed: Chapter Twenty-Four
Completed: A Devoured Novella Chapter Twenty-Four I’m a bundle of nerves as I walk into the
restaurant my mother picked for our meeting, but I do my best to hide my
anxiety as I approach the table. My family is already here and the closer I get
to the table...

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Completed: Chapter Twenty-Three
Completed: a Devoured novella Chapter Twenty-Three Two
weeks after Valentine’s Day and my big announcement to Lucas I finally hear
from my mother—when she sends a message to me through my little brother. She
wants to have lunch with Seth, Gram, and me to di...

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Sunday Snip: Second Verse
Hey guys! So, this is a little longer (okay, a LOT longer) than a snip, but I wanted to share the first teaser from Second Verse. I hope you enjoy it! People asked to hear the most inappropriate songs at weddings—especially weddings that catered to the uppe...

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Completed: Chapter Twenty-Two
Completed: a Devoured novella Chapter Twenty-Two One Month Later Note: This was previously featured on Shh Mom's Reading for Valentine's Day a couple years ago. It was essential that I include it in the story after that last chapter. ;) * This was the fir...

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Completed: Chapter Twenty-One
Completed: a Devoured
novella Chapter Twenty-One Christmas comes and goes without a word from my mother and
New Year’s follows. I know she’s staying with friends—she’s had contact with
Gram (to ask for cash, of course)—but I’ve started to believe that Lucas...

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First Verse
Hey guys! So ... you might have seen me post about a new book called Second Verse. I'm so excited to share it with you guys because I love, love, LOVE second chance romances and music and this story has both (plus a surprise cameo from one of my favorite ch...

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Completed: Chapter 20
Completed: a Devoured novella Chapter 20 “Later?” I repeat teasingly when Lucas moves away from his
spot between my legs. I grin up at him, feeling my heart race when he returns
the expression. He touches the button of my jeans, undoing it. Then he yanks

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Completed: Chapter 19
Co mpleted: a Devoured
novella Chapter
19 Although
I try my
hardest to avoid mentioning my mother again over dinner, it doesn’t stop me
from worrying over what Gra m had told m e over the next several hours. I should have known mom wouldn’t leave without wa...
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