I spent this morning playing [my term for familiarising] and shooting with the new Canon 5d MKIII and the C300.

2 great cameras, the noise level even at 12800 on the mark III were very impressive and I shot direct comparisons to the Canon 5d MKII and it looks better to me than iso 4000 on the MKII.

I was interested in comparing the 5d MKII with VAF-5D2 moiré filter in at the same settings to the new MKIII and the MKIII performed very well in this quick test.

The C300 was amazing at high iso and the inbuilt ND filters will come in very handy when shooting at a setting such as f1.2 on a prime at iso320 [the lowest] in bright sunshine.

The C300 is £12000 and the MKIII £3000 [for now]. The C300 was much easier to work with than I thought it would be and I look forward to shooting a job with it.
I could have picked up a new MKIII today and will more than likely get one in the very near future.

I didn't like the position of the magnification button on the MKIII and there is no custom option to change it and now you only get 6mins for 4gb of data compared to 12 mins on the MKII, this is not so bad as the quality is improved but it means even more memory cards, thankfully it also takes SD as well as CF.

The ability to film 30mins of video is great [12mins on the MKII] and the option to remotely start video recording on the MKIII will be a bonus.
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