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Apologies in advance for spamming, particularly if you're connected to me on Linked-In, Facebook, or Twitter: We're hiring. We need IT Engineers of all sorts; I'm principally looking for software devs, but the office has openings in systems and networking as well. Amazon Ireland, based (mainly) in Dublin.

Good to see the feature parity with Facebook: things I have attended to in e.g. the app, my laptop's browser, etc. still display notifications everywhere else. I'm sure it's because I'm using it wrong.

I'm sure it's already been riffed on, but did Google actually think about the implications of a giving their social network a name that could be read as ending in "...Positive", in tandem with a viral spreading pattern?

Right, so where's the seamless integration with other social networks that bradfitz was pushing when he joined Google?
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