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I hate my commute so much.
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just remember- it hates you as well.
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I haven't gotten this bundle... yet... I told myself I would stop buying bundles until I had a computer to play them on properly... I own "PAC-MAN™ Championship Edition DX+" on PS3 and it is great... the  "All You Can Eat Edition Bundle" just adds a few more courses and skins and music etc...

That one is in the "Pay What You Want" part... basically you can get it for free or 1$ if you want Steam codes (Windows Only, Sadly)... not that you SHOULD pay the minimum... just that the bar is pretty low.
We're getting the BAND(AI NAMCO) together!

From PAC-MAN to Dark Souls -- stock up with the Humble BANDAI NAMCO Bundle, and support Save the Children!
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Cute pink top, same great taste with Hello Kitty​ and Kikkoman!

Available once again at (, and coming soon to select Sanrio​ stores ( and specialty retailers, this classic #Kikkoman bottle features #HelloKitty on the outside and Kikkoman’s delicious soy sauce on the inside.

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A new comic about confidence.

Support me on Patreon!  
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I have finally gotten to the point in life where I will say "Wait, no, I wanted a root beer" and then sit there feeling embarrassed instead... I'm pretty sure that's an improvement.
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I am not saying Monopoly is broken. I'm not trying to "fix" it... call this a "variant". There are plenty of people out there perfectly happy playing Monopoly... heck... there are plenty of people out there perfectly happy playing Monopoly WRONG! Even if you don't respect it as a "fun game", Monopoly, as it exists, is an "interactive collaborative experience"... the fact that the best player doesn't always win is not a fault of the game so much as it is a lesson in the faults of capitalism.... but I have been thinking about how "luck" impacts games a bit recently so...

No-Luck Monopoly

The 36 possible rolls of a pair of dice are sorted randomly into a table with a copy made available to all players.

After determining play order, each player chooses which line of the table to start on. Players use this roll as their movement roll, using the next line as their movement roll on each turn on each successive turn, cycling around to the beginning if they reach the end of the table.

Players choose the result of any "non-movement" rolls the rules of the game asks them to roll("get out of jail", utilities, cards requiring rolls)

Players choose which Chance or Community Chest card to draw from those that have not been drawn yet in the game.

Thoughts? Modifications? Requests for Clarification?
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Luck is an important part of many games for the very reason you mentioned, that the less skilled player may still win. It's the number one reason people quit playing chess...

Having said that, there are cards you can buy with the 36 rolls on them and such cards would be handy for your varient.

It seems to me that play order would play a huge role in your varient. 
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Tavistock Manor

Again with the compass-derived maps this month, I bring you Tavistock Manor. A three-story manor house that seems perpetually for rent on the north side of the city.

Tavistock Manor is settled into a lovely huge estate for a rental property, requiring a fair staff of gardeners and groundskeepers to keep it looking decent. Thus the property seems to have waves of excellence and decrepitude, depending on finances of the owner and renters. The property as a whole is generally too big for anyone but the richest noble to purchase, and unfortunately its reputation as a rental property makes it unpalatable for most who are concerned about their long term social standing in the region.

Thus it remains a rental property for visiting nobles, adventurers and merchants on the up-and-up, and strange visitors with more money than sense.

You can get 300 dpi versions of the map of Tavistock Manor with and without grid at
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Have him in circles
1,399 people
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My household has only one HDMI ready television and two devices capable of streaming media through installed apps (a Sony Blue Ray player and a PS3)... further, any media that isn't supported by one of these devices can be played on the Android tablet with micro-HDMI output port or by connecting a computer to the television.

Is there any reason I should still get a Chromecast too... because I still want one... basically just looking for a solid excuse to get one.
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The blue ready player does that so I wouldn't be surprised. 
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Dear +Google+,

Collections are a great way for people to categorize posts. Some very considerate people have been using collections to identify things I don't want to see in my stream which allows be to unfollow that collection without losing the rest of the things that person shares.

Unfortunately, to unfollow a collection of stuff I don't want to see I have to go to that collection. To say this another way: To avoid seeing something I have to go to a page entirely comprised of those things I don't want to see.

Please add some way for me to unfollow a collection from a post (in the same way that I can remove a person from circles through a post). Thank You.

Your Respectfully,

+William Benjamin John Davis 
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And bring collections to mobile web and iOS
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Via my sister's Facebook post... (google images couldn't find source but the original image seems to be public domain)
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