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I realize that in taking a photo of myself in a bathroom mirror I may have crossed some kind of line... anyways... it was just getting too hot to keep my neck unshorn and, as there are so few exciting things happening to me most days, I thought I would share.
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It's cold up here in the winter so the neckbeard makes a good scarf... it should not have stayed in place this far into the summer but I am super lazy when it comes to facial hair maintenance.
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Do you think of the Sriracha rooster as white or red?

Also... I'm rapidly approaching "I put that ... stuff... on everything" in my relationship with the product... it's my default "this needs to be hotter" additive... have added it to ketchup, mustard, hummus, tacos, hot-dogs, and tempura sauce. It's particularly good in hummus.
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I have periods of extreme enthusiasm where I put it on everything followed by a solid week of indigestion that settles me down.

But damn it's good.
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Soooo... I don't mind watching sportsball when it happens to be on and I know enough about most televised sports to know who is winning (and enough about Hockey to know that it's important to yell at the players for sucking)... but just not a fan.

That said, I recently signed up for the open beta for Super League Pinball and it is a weird kind of fun... I highly recommend you try it out if you like video pinball games... it's the kind of free to play where you have to watch an ad before you play a match (unless you pay to disable them) and you can buy extra quarters and boosts and stuff like that... so pretty non-intrusive.

Each club has their own nearly identical table so it's more a matter of picking your favourite club than having variety... I picked Arsenal because their logo is a cannon and because of that one episode of Elementary with the Arsenal fan who watches the game while he waits for his victims blood to drain... those are probably terrible reasons and I suspect my Irish, English and Australian relatives are going to have strong opinions on my choice.

Anyways, each table's team roster can be managed and improved so there's this weird meta-game aspect. Anyways, a nifty game to try out.
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Yeah, I'm a big fan of the Zen Pinball series... I have about 10 tables on the PS3 (mostly the Marvel ones)... I would have gotten the Star Wars ones but I'm trying to move away from spending money on the PSN store... hoping to get a decent gaming PC instead.
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3 Parts Ketchup + 2 Parts Mustard + 1 Part Sriracha = Excellent Pogo Sauce
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You know what... I found ingredients and they totally are corn based batter (though wheat flour shows up higher on the ingredient list so they are slightly less corny corndogs)
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Public Service Announcement: Not Everyone Can Do Everything!

Corollary: Sometimes you are going to have to get someone to do something for you just because you don't know how to or are unable to do it yourself. Remember that even if this thing is quick and easy for them do (and it probably isn't anyways) you may still need to compensate them for doing it and that is totally fine because you couldn't have done it without them!
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/me circles a bunch of new people... quickly checks to see if his profile is "presentable"...
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I wasn't shared but I saw so many people talking about it I went and added all the people to a #BlameSage  circle and now I'm getting circled back... sometimes a massive injection of fresh meat is a good thing... I might end up uncircling a tonne of people over the next couple days....
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William Benjamin John Davis

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In exchange for the convenience of being able to go outside my door and buy fresh ice-cream cones or other summer appropriate treats I have to listen to this guy blasting his mind-numbingly repetitive jingle... even on the days when I have no money for ice cream! I'm not exactly complaining... let's just call it "sharing".
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You didn't you have plans for your spare time this week did you?
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Maybe.  If you have a tutorial or a person backseat driving you.
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Our family has been having a lot of fun with Skylanders Swap Force so when my wife saw giants for $25 (including a figure so that's basically like getting the game for $10) she picked it up.

Now, I know that I should have expected a step-down for an older game but I did not expect instability... the game has dead-locked twice in the first three chapters requiring us start the chapter again... otherwise it's a pretty decent game... just not as good as the more recent one... which is a really good sign for the future of the series I suppose... my only real gripe is the crashing... they've had plenty of time to patch out any bugs if they considered doing so a priority.
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We're playing on a Wii. (edited to say: ah, I see B already said that...)
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Wife picked me up 3 of the Mixels from series 2 today and  I put one together and then let the kids each put together one a piece... then my wife and I put together 6 more mixels (the yellow and red ones) again... which was a struggle because all the pieces got dumped together with the rest of the household's Lego while my daughter built a really tall tower of 2x2s and my son made a car (not pictured).

Sadly it seems my 6030719 broke so I couldn't put Zaptor's head-spark-thing-on...
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So far only seen series 2 at St Laurent Toys R Us and Mrs. Tiggy  Winkle's in the Glebe.(we found the first sets at Walmart but they seem to not have any right now)
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Ugh... I can't keep my eyes open... time to listen to an audio-book.
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The WebUI on my new Cable Modem/Router is not compatible with Google Chrome (had to launch *shudder* IE) and further it has a second "free public wifi" SSID that I don't seem to be able to disable.

At least now if I ever exceed my bandwidth I can blame their modem.
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Computer Operator and Customer Service
I have many but I believe my most important one is knowing how to not be a complete idiot. Depending on my level of caffeination I can also manage to not be a complete tool.
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SinbadEV for those who know me from the Internets.
I have a habit of saying things that aren't technically true or that are not an honest reflection of my opinions and feelings and/or changing my opinions and/or correcting my previous statements. Essentially I'm a chronic Wembler.

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