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hashtag am I doing this right

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Also I didn't take this photo.

Also I don't think you have to cook ginger to pickle it.
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Got linked in a forum to a soundcloud remixer that I am greatly enjoying.

Kinda smooth downtempo funk... I guess? I'm bad at defining music.
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Who's dumb for buying Disney Infinity NOW +Trisha Davis !?
Get ready to assemble. The possibilities are…INfinite.
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I''m looking forward to Mr. Incredible fighting the HULK... and spending some time examining the Black Widow figurine. 
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Dear Lazyweb,

I am interested in trying out Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack but my most likely playmates are my barely literate children so the book'o'rules and 2-3 hour playtime make it a non-starter (until I find some new friends of my kids get older).

I tried looking through the PDF of the book and it's so mired in fluff AND crunch that I get mad and stop wanting to play when I try to read it. Is there a "quick start" version of the rules or "accelerated" variation so I can find out if I want to play it before committing to reading 355 page text-book?
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In addition, I played out a simple two-sided game with my then eight-year-old daughter. We ignored the cover and spotting rules, but pretty much everything else stood. I gave her four frames and took three for me. We did have obstacles to move around or over. After two turns, she was playing that simplified version pretty well. She ended up winning because I chose not to kill one frame, instead chasing a more dangerous one. In the end, she won because that frame was still standing.
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My daughter seems to have found the resonant frequency of the downstairs bathroom...

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Do we use it in fantasy role-playing because it's Olde-Timey or because it was mapped to Q in Rogue?
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All of the above.
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Marvel Cinematic Universe Theory

One thing I've been wondering is about how the Age of Ultron is supposed to have Scarlet Witch, right... but it's also NOT the same Universe that the X-Men movies take place in... so, presumably a universe without mutants (due to licensing issues)... this leads me to the theory that the MCU is a universe where Scarlet Witch made all the mutants go away much earlier than the events of House of M.
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That actually fits really well.
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I was recently included in some kind of spammy looking circle share and have since gained 32 followers.

As such, I'm going to assume that anyone who has followed me in the last week is a result of this share and therefore a "not real" person that I have no reason to circle back.

If, however, you happen to have latched onto me in the recent past and I have not circled you back (or I have un-circled you and you'd like to know why)... please comment to let me know why you have circled me and why I should circle you back.
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Weird little idea for social-medias... I've noticed that, despite my best efforts to learn peoples' names, I still default to recognizing inter-peeps by their Avatars...

Anyways, feature idea... have some kind of notification (subtle, like shadow or border) on avatars of people who have changed their profile image in the last week... and further allow me to mouse-over and see their last week's worth of profile photos.... that way it would be easier to transition to the new Avatar (in my brain) and give me one last chance to learn the name I SHOULD be looking for.

Clearly this would need to be opt-in for the person posting their profile photo and further there would have to be a bypass for removing photos from this history in the event that you mistakenly put something embarrassing up there.

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What if my profile pic is my name?  Checkmate.
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#GeekDad   #UnsolicitedAdvice #BrandRant

On Disney Infinity

Here's my two cents... because I think the idea is great on paper and has just been botched in execution.

I enjoyed the +Disney Infinity playsets I have but I think there is a major flaw in the line. Namely that you can’t play the “real game” with half of the figures that have been released. We have gotten a few of them (10) and, as I anticipated, there’s just not all that much “marginal fun” added with the addition of each new character… particularly for figures that don’t work in any of the released playsets.

I feel like maybe I’m experiencing a demographic gap here… I’m “too old” for Toy Box mode and my kids are “too young” for it. Being able to “do whatever” lacks the teeth of a real game for me and my kids lack the developmental complexity to do much more than “explore” which gives the choice of character they are running around with no real difference (except for the Cars figures, but they have their own playset).

That said, not all is lost because I have a solution!

My first idea would have been to unlock playsets with any figure from a given world but, since there are no playsets for a good number of figures, that’s not going to help all that much.

My second idea would be to have it be possible to play with any figure in any owned playset… but they won’t do that because certain figures might have “game breaking” powers in some playsets.

So I've decided that there needs to be a new playset… call it a “Disney Kingdoms” playset and let any figure play in it… charge $35 for it and bundle it with Mickey and Figment figures. Have it be a gamified advertisement for Walt Disney resorts (Walt Disney World, MGM Studios, Epcot Center etc.) as if they are really magically interlinked worlds… THEN have sub-zones in this greater world locked until you have the figure from that zone… and additional zones for total number of figures and pairs and sets of figures (so you get enough of a game for $35 to validate the price but having it will also drive sales of additional figures).

Also, while we’re at it… there could also be a “Disney Princess” playset that you could only play with using the “Disney Princess” figures or  maybe a Pixar playset where you can play with figures from Pixar films.
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Prebuilt Toy Worlds.
checking, it looks like that is the massive vault you get in those worlds from having all the characters for it.

The downloadable ones are free for everyone.
(toy box share > disney toy boxes)
those are all a matter of what you find most interesting.
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Computer Operator and Customer Service
I have many but I believe my most important one is knowing how to not be a complete idiot. Depending on my level of caffeination I can also manage to not be a complete tool.
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  • High Speed Internet Technical Support
  • Guy That Sold Access To Pay Showers At A Campground
  • Guy That Swept The Gym
  • Selling Freezies Off A TV Tray On My Lawn
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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Houghton, New York, USA - Grant Village, Yellowstone National Park, USA
SinbadEV for those who know me from the Internets.
I have a habit of saying things that aren't technically true or that are not an honest reflection of my opinions and feelings and/or changing my opinions and/or correcting my previous statements. Essentially I'm a chronic Wembler.

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