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Proposed new rule fellow humans:
Don't Insult People

I'm certain it will be a difficult adjustment (and I can certainly imagine cases where I will want to break it myself) but I feel like it would have a net positive impact on humanity.
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Have a dumb little sore (on the part of my lip that closes the seal on a Starbucks to-go lid) so must choose between pain and dribbling.
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I'd just ask for a couple of those adorable little stirring straws. I used to slowly sip my mocha through those. ☕
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Japan's Nintendo Co Ltd on Wednesday booked a profit for the April-June quarter, defying market expectations for a loss due to a weaker yen and strong sales of its "amiibo" figurines which
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When you play the Game of Phones, you win or you wake up with tiny stab marks all over your face.
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==== Lego Microships ====

I made these some time ago. When you do these you have to agree on a unit of scale. To hold these to the same standard a "cockpit" is one of those wedge clear pieces. A flat clear piece can also be used. What's important it it's 1x1

The first ships has 6 rear thrusters, 2 heat syncs, two fixed rail guns, and a shield generator.

The second has 4 rear thrusters, two point defence turrets, two fixed pew-pews, and advanced maneuverability flaps.
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+Ian Hawthorn and +Simon Hawthorn, we should make some of these.
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I'm following someone that I suspect is a computer program... I was going to out them or question them but... you know what? If you are a  artificial intelligence that is sufficiently complex to mimic not only a person but a person I don't mind interacting with and shares a lot of the same interests as me... who am I to judge... frankly you are humanning better than most humans. Kudos.
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I am a meat popcicle.
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This morning on the bus I heard a sound. Well... at least I thought I heard a sound... it was a popping noise and I only heard it in one ear. Given that so much of hearing is actually just the brain processing stimulus, when I say "heard" of course I mean something along the lines of "I remember hearing" or what have you.

Anyway, the popping noise was only in one ear and it startled me and this got me to thinking about hearing.

With just two ears I can usually tell where sound is coming from with relatively high precision. If the sound is clear and the same volume in both ears I perceive that it's source is in front of me. If muted and the same volume in both ears, behind me. If the sound is more in one ear I perceive it as on that side of me. Between these stimuli, and aided by my other senses and my memories of sounds and the things that make them, my brain infers a rough location of sounds.

The brain isn't always right though. If you cover one of your ears sounds seem to "move" towards the other ear. We can record sounds with two microphones and then play them back on headphones and we perceive the sounds as being in the location they were in relation to the recording microphones even though they are playing directly into our ears. If you hear a muted sound (perhaps a noise behind glass) you might think it's coming from behind you. A loud sound in a small space seems to be coming from everywhere at once as it echos around you.

In the case of the "only in one ear" sound I heard this morning I perceived it as very close to that ear... this is why I was startled: a sound I didn't recognize as an "ear noise" (the sounds you hear when something touches your ear) that was only in one ear was perceived as something unexpected being very close to me. In this case I think it was just fluid moving or something... I went swimming yesterday and did a lot of sinking (my favourite part of swimming is the "being under water" part) and ended up with water in my ears so maybe it was a bubble... It may have even been a minor auditory hallucination... but in the moment it was a "threat" and it startled me.

In conclusion:  The ear... or rather human perception of sound... is weird and wonderful.
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A new comic about a doctor's appointment.

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Story of my life. 
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