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Just got home from playing my first game of "Dominant Species"... I left around 7:30PM and got back around 1:15AM... there was some driving and rules-learning along the way but basically the game took 5 hours to play.

That said, it didn't feel like it was that long, even though I felt like I was losing the entire game (and totally was) there was always a lot for everyone to decide at any given time... none of that "down time" you get in other games. I liked it... and would play it again... maybe start sooner next time.
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I just noticed there is a game night at The Loft. March 7th at 7:30. 
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They just patched the Heroes of The Storm Beta... last week the forums were full of "Everything is bad, fix it!" and this week it's full of "You ruined everything!"... I feel like doing public-beta's must be incredibly frustrating for developers.
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Have been noticing a thing... I really like the game "Love Letter" and often try to bring it out when I know board games will be played... in almost every case when I mention the name of the game I get this "look" from all the guys... the "that sounds like a game for girls" look. I took the game to my kid's school for board game day (grades 1 and 2) and had about 7 girls wanting to play and only one boy... the rest of the boys gave the "that sounds like a game for girls" look... even the one boy who did play seemed hesitant (but then got really into it and was the one who stayed and played the longest). Their loss... gender stereotypes cut both ways I suppose.
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Volunteered at my daughter's grade 1 and 2 class (with my wife) for this morning's board-game day. Introduced a bunch of kids to Love Letter, Get Bit and Paradisio. I think Love Letter was the best liked option and it kinda drew a crowd.
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My mother bought me a big fudgey brownie, some rice-cracker+wasabi peas snack mix and some corn nuts for my birthday... I figured I should take a photo for posterity.
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Many happy returns, Will!
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After a run of bad pack luck pulled 2 epics and 3 cards I didn't have 2 of yet. #Hearthstone  #StatisticalProbabilityForTheWin
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ooohhh, Wee Spellstopper looks fun!
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I got this bundle at the $12 level. So far I've only activated my Star Realms key ( If you play I'm SinbadEV now ) but there are a few things in this batch that basically pay for themselves. Magic 2015: Special Edition is $20 on Steam and the Garruk's Revenge expansion is another $5...
We've added more to the Humble Card Game Bundle for both pay-what-you-want and beat-the-average purchases!
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Have him in circles
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I follow the college I attended (didn't finish my degree but my wife did) on Facebook and they linked to this article on their homepage about a speaker they are bringing in. It's nice to know that with all of the weird anti-science vibe that seems to be de rigueur for mainstream conservative Christians depicted on USA Media... at least my little Christian college that calls itself "A Christian College of the Liberal Arts & Sciences" is still pro-science enough to bring in a climate change speaker who believes the core "Global Warming Is Happening", "We're Doing It" and "We Can, and Need to, Fix It" stuff.
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Wow, as an atheist I have to say that you have a lot of assholes with too much time on their hands trolling you +William Benjamin John Davis​. 
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So... the local broadcast TV station I watch Gotham, The Flash, Agent Carter etc. on puts those shows online to watch the day after they air (and they stay for 7 days)... Three times now I've missed the first 5 minutes of something and then gone back and watched those five minutes the next day... but I'm thinking... next time... if I miss the start... I'll just wait for the next day.
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My mother posted this collection of photos of me on the other social network in honour of her #1 Son (I have two sisters :P ) turning however old I am today.

It's probably a good thing I went through a "really long hair" phase because now it's thinning, receding and greying.

(I'm almost certain my mother composited these photos by placing all four originals on her scanner at once... which is a lot simpler than what I would have done.)
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We share the same title! LOL.
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Just had an EPIC (for me anyways) board gaming night... so many board games that I'm thinking I need to do that thing where you play 51 different tabletop games in 2015... I'll have to find the tag and do proper formatting but for now just the list:

Bang! Dice Game
Dead of Winter
Ghost Blitz 2.0
Tok Tok Woodman
Say What!?
Ticket to Ride

All between 7::30PM and 1:30AM... therewas also Much Smart Food and Mountain Dew Code Red and Brownies.

This will add to playing Fortune and Glory the other day and DMing Microlite20 for my kids over the past week or so... also playing Love Letter with said children.
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Last panel is how I feel about things like the Super Bowl... didn't get invited to anything this year though so I'll probably just play video-games.
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SinbadEV for those who know me from the Internets.
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