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When you play the Game of Phones, you win or you wake up with tiny stab marks all over your face.
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So... I have often repressed my urge to re-share stuff... not because I'm embarrassed of what I want to share or worry about mixed company... but, well... because I assume people who care about things already know those things...

As an experiment I am going to share more of that stuff but I will do so into this collection... that way if your like "Man, this guy keeps flooding my feed with stuff I've already seen" you have an easy way to silence me... 

If this results in zero people interacting on the resulting re-shares then I'll probably stop.
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Dear Lazy Web,

When I copy something in Excel 2013 the marching ants don't march... they stand still... (the selection border for copied data doesn't move, it is a static dashed line around the copied data). Anybody happen to have happened across a solution to this silliness?

Running Windows 7. This started when I upgraded to Excel 2013. Problem persists between reboots. I did have some add-ins but they are now disabled.

This questions brought to you by "too much noise in the search results".
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The wonderful moment when a field of grain, ripening heads gold in the morning sun, becomes lines that mirror spring's planting... repeated so often that, even in a single commute, I get so bored of it that I start thinking about how to describe the feeling instead of just experiencing it.
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Social Awkwardness this morning on the commute...

Was sitting there reading on the bus and a young woman sat next to me. When I noticed my stop was coming up I looked up from my book and realized she was asleep. After a few "excuse me"s she hadn't woken up and the guy at the back of the bus made knowing "what'cha gonna do" eye contact with me... I was literally squatting on my seat and reaching behind to brace myself to climb out over the back (having decided that climbing over her wasn't an option) when she woke up an apologized and got out of the way.

This is the point when I realized she probably would have woken up if I had just poked her.
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That's funny, Ben!
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Hey Language Nerds,

Local business used the phrase:
"An event for all female and female identifying mtg players, new or experienced! Bring your Standard legal deck, borrow one from the shoppe, or learn to build one!"

First comment is:
"Tip: "female" is not a particularly welcoming term for your target audience. Consider "An event for all women (cis and trans) MtG players" if you'd like to use accurate & up-to-date inclusive language. :smile emoticon:


I was under the impression that while referring to women as "females" was bad form it was still acceptable to use it as a clarifying adjective ("female identifying  mtg players").

As this is just idle curiosity for me I didn't feel like further derailing their event announcement with my uninformed commentary... but I would really like to know how people feel about the term in this context.
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I'm not sure why "woman/man" became the gender with "male/female" referring to sex, but the use of "woman" appears to be standard among SJ crowds.

And while leaving out trans* identifying people sounds like it might be good and inclusive, in practice it leads to few or no transwomen feeling welcome. The first comment there seems to be the preferred nomenclature.
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A new comic about a doctor's appointment.

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Story of my life. 
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So... these collection things.... I'll admit, I have been avoiding them.

Decided today that I should try to come up with some and figured the first one to make would be the one where I discuss Google Plus stuff because then I could use it to discuss it (so meta)

Anyways, I feel like collections won't serve their "apparent" purpose unless everything is in them... and the problem with that is that if  everything is in a collection then I have to think about what something "is" before I post it... particularly when you note that each post can only be in a single collection.

So... I'm going to think about what types of things I post might fall into particular categories... examples:
Dear Lazy Web (for crowd-braining answers to questions)
Instafacittr (for status updates and "I had a thought" type deals and pictures of me and my surroundings)
Not As Bad As Farmville (for stuff like "you should play this game" and screenshots of high scores and the like)
Poetry? (With the question mark)
Public Service Announcements (for when I come up with a thing everyone needs to know or wish to make an obvious statement)

So... what do people think?
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As a general rule anything I post publicly is fit for general consumption... if I post something that is not I tend to include a preamble to ensure people have chosen to see it.

It's weird though... anything I post publicly can be "found" already but actually being pushed on people seems like a weird choice... I get it though... the new G+ paradigm is to "connect people around common interests" so getting me to make interest specific collections and then having those collections be recommended to people who might find them interesting fits the mould.
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This morning, as I was getting on a bus, another passenger commented on the book I was holding because he had read it and thought it was great... it was a little surreal. (We did the "That book was great" "I'm liking it so far, this is the second I've read in the series" "I read all three and enjoyed them" then went our separate ways)

What is your threshold for talking to strangers when they show signs of a potential common interest? (Mine is pretty much "I don't")
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Seems reasonable for an Ottawa bus. I'd never start a conversation like that on a Toronto bus though. 
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I am having a "write a comment, review comment, revise comment, delete comment" kinda day.
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Been there, done that. 🙀
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