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Computer, RPG, and Sci-Fi geek

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I was in a playtest of this and really enjoyed it. I liked the type of story it created, that it was GM-less, and the interesting card mechanics for handling the duels.
I just launched a Kickstarter for Blade Bind, my storygame of epic swordfights and melodramatic tragedy! If you think it looks cool, please help spread the word and check out the #BladeBind hashtag.
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A Thank You to +Renee Knipe for running a great game of The Warren for a group of us at UCon. Some bunnies died, some bunnies were maimed, some bunnies lived. It was as it should be.

And a Thank You to +Nicole Lindroos for running Blue Rose!  I am looking forward to seeing a great, inclusive fantasy setting updated.
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