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William Strife
War never changes...
War never changes...

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Oculus Fail
For the record I wrote this episode after talking with Sips who, after trying VR, said he just doesn't get it. Then he made a joke about being too old for VR, lol. Check out a more in depth discussion over on my sub-reddit here . hope you liked the video. ...

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The Modern Adventure
Just this last November I finally became aware of modern adventure games when I picked up chapter one of "The Wolf Among Us". Needless to say I've learned a lot about what a game that limits player input, and relies more on you watching, can offer. In all ...

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To Pay, or Not to Play, that is the question.
I felt that this was something I needed to say something on. There are lots of ways to market and finance an online game, but here I talk about the most popular ones. ---- Strife Out ----

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Dirt, Decay, Rust
Hi all, it's been a while since I last posted hasn't it? I won't bore you with my wondrous exploits of work though. Instead i'm going to talk today about the game Rust. For a long time, ever since I was in middle school actually, I haven't been much for c...

A block of aluminum made via Tinkers Construct can only be crafted into raw aluminum which cannot be turned back into ingots.
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