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I also think one can't "impose" agile or any long-lasting change on people. But also, I fear that good things don't always spread naturally. For example, it took many decades for doctors to accept that they should wash their hands in between seeing each patient, even though it was obviously a good thing. And even when people do want to change, there are "political" reasons that managers in middle or upper levels work against it. It's a symptom of something much larger than how we develop software, of course, and it is good to be aware that no magical "framework" is going to solve the problem.

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On my team, we testers do customer support as well. So we have a lot of conflicting priorities driving which bugs we want to get fixed. We use tags in our tracking system to help our product owner prioritize bugs. Sample tags: "blocks user", "reported often". And if there's an issue that we feel is really holding up customers or making them crazy, we bring it up at standup or an iteration planning meeting.

When we find bugs in new development, those generally get fixed as a matter of course. If a bug is minor or cosmetic, it's probably really easy to fix, so why not fix it? If it's not minor, then we definitely want it fixed.

The best policy is "fix and forget" - write a failing test for every bug, fix the code so the tests pass, and check it all in. But we all know that life isn't always ideal!

How are all those other people able to post tweets?

and honestly, I don't know how G+ works, really. Who all can see these posts of mine? Do I have to add more circles below? Do I add "Public" or is that a Bad Thing?
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