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My life is one big love affair with photography.
My life is one big love affair with photography.

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It's my BIRTHDAY so I took a self portrait inspired by birthdays and happiness.

Read all about the photo here:

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Day 8,391 of my life
"Create Different"
Self Portrait

Hey lovelies,

Today I was in the mood to create different. I'm so bored of the regular and am really trying to challenge myself creatively in photography, creation itself, design etc.. I hope you all have a very special Tuesday :)

Big hugs

PS Loving this quote today: "The best way to predict the future is to create it." -
Peter Drucker

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Day 8,378 of my life
"A Bug's Life"

Today I spent the day locked up in my kitchen evaluation the past six months so that I can make changes to the next six months. I spent the day dreaming big, making goals and plans. I'm about to start the beginning stages of rebranding and it has called for some major business reconsideration. I love it.

I found this ladybug while I was outside enjoying my "break" time. I edited the photo using a mixture of "Red Velvet", "Summer Princess" and "Boom Boom Pow". You can make these actions yours today here:

PS I used this technique ( to turn my 50mm lens into a macro lens for this shot.

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Day 8,377 of my life
"Extraterrestrial" Self Portrait

There's a behind the scenes video to go along with this photo documenting the process of it's creation. It will be on the blog by the end of the day.

I started with the original idea of covering my face entirely in blue, but I ran out of blue eyeliner half way through (i should have bought some face paint instead!) .. I wanted to make it look like there were these flowers growing out of my face. I didn't think it would work out but somehow it did. And then I brought it into Photoshop and went CRAZY on the editing. Now that I'm finished with it I'm pretty happy with the fact that it's so different from the usual. The regular gets incredibly boring incredibly quickly for me lately.

When I look at it now it reminds me of alien life. I'm obsessed with new perspectives and looking at things as though I had never seen them before. Wouldn't it be cool if we actually had flowers growing out of our heads? I think that would be beautifully wonderful :) Hopefully mine would be pink like these.

Huge hugs and I hope you all have a creative day

PS I love this quote: “The soul should always stand ajar. Ready to welcome the ecstatic experience.” - Emily Dickinson

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Day 8,376 of my life

I love how in this photo one stands above the rest. I think it's beautiful. I've been trying to capture interesting things with a lack of interesting composition. Hence yesterday's photo and today's photo both being bang in the middle. It's fun to give myself random photo challenges like that. Hopefully I'll have time for a self portrait tomorrow.

Have a beautiful Monday evening! ♥

PS this photo was edited with a mixture of "Sweet & Dreamy" + "Red Velvet" + "Alex's Sharpy" from the online store. BUY TODAY HERE: ♥

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Day 8,309 of my life.
January 18th, 2012.
Consecutive self portrait day 9.

Today I watched this incredible documentary that somehow woke up my soul and made the artist within feel alive. It was pretty much all about art in today's modern and digital world. Unfortunately there was very little to do with photography - but everything was still 100% applicable. One of the key things was when Moby was discussing the idea of "perfection" and how people rely on the technology to make the sound in their music "perfect". He talks about how this perfection makes him feel uncomfortable, and makes him dislike the music. He says the beauty of the art of music is in someone's true voice, it's in their vulnerability. I thought a lot about it and related it to photography and the way we use Photoshop today, for example to make the skin "perfect", and how unnecessary it is. How there is beauty in our imperfections. And as he said, vulnerability.
(PS You can watch the documentary here:

And so to make a long story short I wanted today's photo to be themed around Vulnerability. And this is what I came up with.

Edited using Photoshop action "Silver Direction". Buy it here ♥


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Just chilling with the lovely Matty.

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Day 8,308 of my life.
January 17th, 2012.
Consecutive self portrait day 8.

I love shooting at sunset. I know shooting into the sun is "technically" bad. I know it lowers the "quality" of my image with all that flare. But I love it. Shooting into the sun always adds this feeling to my photos that I absolutely adore.

I took two shots that I really like today. I love this one for the "portrait" side of it. But I love the feeling of the other one more. It's more in the moment. It's more telling of life and how it feels right now. You can see it here.

Edited using a mixture of Summer Princess and Sweet and Dreamy. Buy these here ♥

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Day 8,307 of my life.
January 16th, 2012.
Consecutive day 7.
"Spread Your Wings. Learn To Fly."

I just got home from shooting this and I find it so ironic because this is exactly what I meant in my blog today. Going with the flow during creation, not really aiming for anything in particular, and then ending up with something pretty cool. Read it in full here:

PS this awesome idea of kicking up dust to create a misty effect was inspired by Nate Perkes Photography:

The editing was inspired by when I was a kid in school playing with paints, then folding the paper in half so that it would create equal butterfly wings on both sides. Love it. (Like this:

Edited using a mixture of Summer Princess and Sweet and Dreamy. Buy these here: ♥
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