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Prominent Offers - Product Review Site (Our Trusted Product Reviews to Help You)


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It's time to start contributing insight again via my Google+ account.

A great way to reconnect with you is to let you know how I'm increasing my productivity and focus, primarily by just reducing all the distractions that are part of my typical day (and, no doubt, are part of yours, too).

I'm primarily focusing on two or three important tasks per day, even if I have to perform them in piecemeal.

However, I'm determined to complete my mission come what may by eliminating the pesky, pessimistic voice within me, and cutting out external distractions, when necessary, such as unimportant phone calls or forgoing television.

I'm actually following much of the advice provided by Michael Hyatt, gleaned from his Free to Focus program.

Please read my Free to Focus review as I believe you can jump start your level of productivity as well.

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Are you going to the Authority Super Summit?  No need to pack your bags and make reservations because you can gain access to this virtual conference by simply turning on your computer.

A major cyber event will take place between March 22nd and March 24th, 2016,   One hundred business experts or so  are working together and providing instruction on a host of topics, including branding, marketing, and sales.

Famous entrepreneurs, and others that are flying under the radar, yet still wildly successful, will show you how to massively improve your business results.

The Authority Super Summit is free so I encourage you to learn more about it via this link:

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All bloggers need to fill their sites with riveting, compelling text - not only to attract human eyeballs but to satisfy the voracious appetites of the search engines.

There is only so much time, however, to assume the role of a content-generating machine.

As such, thousands of marketers turn towards content writing services to add volume and depth to their current array of articles,

iWriter is a popular writing service so we thought it best to include a review on it.

Humble as I am, I have to say that this iWriter analysis is the most comprehensive to date (2016).

Please learn more about iWriter to determine whether it can satisfy your outsource content requirements. 

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You may feel that you have no innate writing talent, but perhaps you may just not know the rules that govern quality content.  Once you realize and understand what writing commandments to follow, you'll be in a much better position to compose a literary masterpiece.

Our blog now proudly features a stellar article on how to write and feature superb web content.  We do our best to follow these rules, and you'll be well-advised to do so as well.

You'll not only get readers to love your work, but the search engines, too.

Please read all about generating quality web content:     

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Determined to figure out why our site has a low domain authority score, we invested countless hours of research to solve the mystery. We also considered our past experiences to weigh what we did right, and primarily, what we did wrong, to receive this raw MOZ score.

While some discount the value of the domain authority metric, most SEO experts believe that it is an important barometer of how well a site will rank.

Needless to say, we're very interested in raising our domain authority score, and I'm sure that you feel the same way about your site.

As such, please read how to increase your domain authority in 2016.

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Meditation can be inspirational, especially when you're the voice behind the meditation.

But to enhance your mediation audio so that it can be its best, you have to know what niche to pursue, how to write a compelling script, how to structure it, how to refine the audio quality, and so much more.

For those would-be meditation entrepreneurs, Billy Allen has created a product that offers a how-to blueprint on how to create and sell  meditation audios.

It's predictably called, How to Create & Sell Your Own Meditation Audios from Home.

Here is a complete review:

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To dream the 'impossible dream' is exactly what happens when you can't fall asleep.  The tossing and turning wreaks havoc with mind and body on so many levels, and desperate, many of us look to sleeping pills to provide welcome relief.

There are natural alternatives, of course, but many are ineffective and/or a waste of money.  But there are brands that offer a sedative-like effect, and I just performed a review on one of them.

It's call Marz Sleep Spray, and a couple of squirts in the mouth, or mixed with water, can lull you into a sense of complacency.

Marz is made of ingredients that galvanize that drowsy effect which ultimately slows down our thoughts and calms our nerves.  Valerian root, melatonin, GABA, and other potent ingredients are readily absorbed and perform their sleepy time magic.

Please read this Marz Sleep Spray review:   

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What do you get when you combine powerful anti-aging ingredients, such as retinol and antarcticine, together?  You get a new beauty product that is very alluring and inviting.

Introducing Allure Beauty Anti-Aging Retinol Cream, formulated to restore  your skin's firmness, luster, and glow.  You may not be able to reverse time, but it may be possible to reverse much of the skin damage that has transpired over time.

As I did not see so many reviews of this beauty find, I decided to take a close look at it myself.

Here is the culmination of my research:

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Prominent author, Nick Stephenson, is always preaching about giving value to the reader.  Now Nick has created an invaluable training program designed to support his fellow writers.  

In the course, he demonstrates how to best market your book using the right title, category, and metadata,.  He also shows you how to effectively use the most lucrative book marketing platforms, such as Amazon, to get more eyeballs on your book.

You'll soon become an expert in how to  set up merchandising deals, create landing pages that convert, and employ many ninja tactics to optimize book sales.

At the present time, Nick is giving a free ebook away called 'Reader Magnets' that reveals the same strategies he used to grow his list to 35,000 subscribers  

Please read our review on Nick Stephenson's Your First 10,000 Readers.  On this review page, you'll be able to access Reader Magnets. 

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Aging may be an inevitable, natural part of life but that does not mean that we have to accept looking older ... or seem as though we have transcended 'over the hill.'

There are skin care products galore that promise to take the years off and make us look a decade younger.  At the very least, these products promise to make us look our best - whatever age we are.

One such product aptly called, 'Flawless Complexion' stirred my interest.  I saw incredible before and after shots in their marketing and read many testimonials from folks who said that the serum turned back the hands of time when it came to their appearance.    

I looked at their impressive ingredients, which includes peptides and Vitamin C, and knew that I just had to write this Flawless Complexion review:
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