Fate Core Skills to Fate Accelerated Approaches

Thanks to this +3 Clever from +Tim Engler

 "It's easy to do a quick convert between skills and approaches for a Core/Fae conversion. It needs a bit of tweaking after the conversion, but does most of the work for you.

Physique, Fight, Will = Forceful
Stealth, Burglary, Deceive = Sneaky
Empathy, Resources, Crafts = Careful
Rapport, Provoke, Drive = Flashy
Lore, Investigate, Notice = Clever
Contacts, Athletics, Shoot = Quick

I've added in Approaches for characters in recent hacks...and likely will go back and put others in, because it is +3 Quick!

e.g. you take the three skills, average with the odd ballpark adjustment or rounding and you are done

Thought I would point this out in a more Careful manner.
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