FATE: Aspect Inheritance

Will Hutton brought up Object Oriented Programming and FATE http://rivetgeek.blogspot.com.au/2013/04/object-oriented-principles-in-rpgs.html, and Phil Lewis's Wrath of the Autarch with kingdom conflicts frontiergamedesign505 brings thoughts of Inheritance.

Take the FATE Fractal.

To use A Game of Thrones and Dunes as an example :- https://plus.google.com/113465628858922236741/posts/ecpmY27sLt8

A Political Unit is a top level class instance, or character.  So the Fremen and the Dragon Queen's Barbarians are characters here.

Each has a military subclass, so again a character.  Jihadis and Barbarian Army are then a character.

Each of which has a subclass with a guard or policing duty, so again a character: Military Police.

And a further subclass of Guards on Dragon Duty for the barbarians.  Another subclass character unit instance.

The Fremen jihad has come across legends of beasts that can cross space and time in their travels.  Rather resembling dragons.  Not in this universe, but still worth investigating.  Especially with some rather nifty genetic engineering technology and the spice.  And a Guild Navigator at their mercy for further sampling.

So the Fremen Political Unit attempts to Deceive their Opposition number into a diplomatic meeting requiring a large military presence.  Creating a variable for the Member Function of Distracted to be Yes, which the military can inherit, and the guards, and guards on duty, so the crack Fedaykin dragon genetics retrieval team get a bonus on their sneaking to sample a big lizard?
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