Fate Monster Month

Thanks to +Jesse Ledbetter and fandom of the DW codex, a suggestion was made here https://plus.google.com/110394688545709910390/posts/FAhrGygKctv to produce all the old classic monsters given that it is October and Halloween.

Also the fact that quite a few people recently have been interested in having readymade NPCs and monsters and animals and these can then be added as links in the wiki http://evilhat.wikidot.com/community-fate-core-extensions for future reference for all.

+John Till volunteered to do Frankenstein's Monster given his SF penchant. +Porter Williams wanted to do Jekyll and Hyde, +Jacob Poss wanted to do the Invisible Man.

There's Dracula, the Creature From the Black Lagoon, et. al.  Jaws was mentioned.  I'd certainly like to see +Adam Schwaninger and his version of Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner, for example.

Some might like to do your scarier variety of bats and rats and dogs and cats.

So perhaps at the end of the month Jesse's desire for an expanding codex of monster reference can be met.

To begin with, then :-

The Mummy
High Concept: Imhotep, Ancient Egyptian Insane Priest
Trouble: Monstrous Living Mummy dependent on the Scroll of Thoth
Aspect 1 : Forbidden Lover of Princess Ankh-es-en-amon
Aspect 2 : Making any Princess Mummy close enough to the original will do
Aspect 3 : Not a fan of Isis

+6 Physique
+5 Lore, Will
+4 Deceive, Fight, Provoke
+3 Crafts, Investigate, Notice, Stealth
+2 Athletics, Burglary, Contacts, Empathy, Resources
+1 Rapport, Shoot, Drive

Mental Stress : 1 2 3 4
Physical Stress : 1 2 3 4
Consequences : 2 2 4 6

Refresh : 10


Mesmerism : Use the occult power of my Will to control a target's mind

Mummy Bride : I may make a mummy bride on completion of an ancient ritual and murdering a victim of appropriate appearance

Reincarnate : If the Scroll of Thoth is read I can come back to life


+5  Forceful
+4  Clever
+3  Sneaky
+2  Careful
+2  Flashy
+0  Quick

Notes: Designed to be your classic big bad monster enemy, 1932 Universal style
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