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I just purchased the Pixel phone from Google. Was hoping it would be cheaper but cost about the same as my old Nexus 6.

- 7 hour charge in 15 minutes
- Daydream (VR) ready, and if pre-order you get the VR headset free
- Best smartphone camera score ever from DXO Mark ( beating out the GS7 and iPhone 7.

Anyone else thinking about getting this phone? I'll let you know what I think when I get it in 3 weeks.

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Dorking it up with D&D 5e.. It said I'm a Sage (9/10 correct).

Should I be proud :)

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I haven't posted anything in awhile .. Here is another useless post.

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My artistic talent astounds me. 😁

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So I'm thinking about making a custom skin for my Nexus 6 from Decal Girl.

I wanted something obscure that most people wouldn't get the reference too but still looked fantasy based, and nice looking.

How does this look?

I'd be surprised if anyone gets both references :)

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This was pretty awesome

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This is funny as hell :)
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