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Have you ever seen a squirrel-proof bird feeder in action? Now you have! 

Check out +TwistedSifter for more :)

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Haircut Like a Boss - this hairdresser making it in a bit different way! WIN!

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When ObamaCare was only screwing you, they didn't care. Now that it's putting THEM in jeopardy . . . PANIC TIME!

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My Switch

I've been playing Ingress for 9 months and 25 days.   The last 14 days as Enlightened and the rest as Resistance (I'm almost 8) and my Husband and Best Friend are still Resistance.  Since I announced I was switching I've had lot's of questions about how I've been treated and how things are going.  I decided it was important for me to share some of my history and what this experience has been like.

For those that don't know who I am my agent name is mistyayn I was the co-founder of the Seattle Resistance a Lady Blue Heron and a founding member of Seattle Ingress.  I've been involved in the local Seattle Ingress Community from the beginning and I was a community organizer for Seattle Resistance and I've been involved in global Resistance anomaly planning (what can I say, I'm passionate).

You should know that from the very beginning I have remained as neutral as I possibly can when it came to cross faction politics.  I have always been willing to hear both sides and try and understand what's going on and make the best decision for the greater Seattle Ingress community.  For better or worse I sometimes remained so impartial that it cost me valuable friendships, if I thought it was better for the greater community.  Being able to admit that mistake was hard.

I had been thinking about switching to the Enlightened for a while because honestly feeling responsible for a community is tiring and I like leveling.  But I was scared to make the switch because I worried that people would be mad at me.  After thinking about it a lot I woke up 16 days ago and realized that it was time.

I posted to the Heron's community first before making the request because I wanted to be respectful.  The response from there was not nearly what I thought it would be and it I was touched.  Helped me realize just what impact I had on the community.

After my public post there were a lot of people who uncircled me and a few who expressed negative opinions but then friends on both sides came to my defense and I appreciated that.  

I've had a lot of questions of why and the best answer I can give is that Ingress has changed my life in so many ways and taken me in so many directions I could never imagine that when it felt like it was time I had no choice but to follow and see what happens.  As silly as it sounds Ingress has been an amazing journey and I'm not about to stop yet.  

Overall both sides have been supportive in Seattle and I know that others in Seattle have switched and had similar experiences.  There doesn't have to be any animosity when switching sides.  Sometimes people switch just to practice leveling up under different circumstances.  Sometimes you have more friends on the opposite faction because you've met more of them.  That's OK!

The magic of Ingress is that it can be whatever you want it to be.  For me Ingress is a life changing experience in which I've learned to face my fears, communicate more openly, love more freely, be proud of who I am even if who I am isn't perfect and I've gotten to fly all over the country meeting amazing people with awesome stories (I have the greatest husband on the planet).

My Ingress experience is unique to me but I'm only one and I love to hear yours.   What's your #ingressexperience?

(this was the first description meme I ever created for Ingress)

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I have 10 Time Lord Seal Patches to give away. Here are the rules to enter:

1) Share

That's it. Pretty easy.

The patches are about 2.5 inches and have an image transfer on canvas. You can either sew them on or you could use some kind of fabric glue. These are the first ones off the line, so they may not be perfect, but they are free. 

I will save one seal for the person who has the most re-shares ( I will use google ripples for this)

Have fun, 
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