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qCraft Curriculum: Introducing Quantum Physics with Minecraft
(x-post from the Minecraft Teachers Google Group)

I am so very excited to finally share the official curriculum package that accompanies the qCraft mod.

Grab it from:
(you can also watch a little promo video I cobbled together…)

Included in the curriculum, you'll find a Teacher Guide and a giant, detailed world that are designed to work together. It's all broken up into three individual lessons that will take about an hour each, although your mileage may vary depending on age group, class size, and experience with Minecraft.  We targeted middle schoolers, but have successfully tested the curriculum at a high school level.

The lessons require MinecraftEdu and multiple players to complete. You’ll also want to have a projector or big screen handy to watch a few accompanying videos.

The curriculum assumes no prior knowledge of quantum physics by either the instructor or the students. In fact, we've shied away both from the math and from actually modelling the behavior of quantum particles. Instead, we chose to illustrate some of the fundamental concepts of quantum science through the “language” of Minecraft blocks.  That is, we found fun and interesting ways for blocks to behave that are analogous to what happens on the quantum scale.  

The end result is that each of our three main lessons which explore the following concepts:

- Lesson 1, Observational Dependency - Players encounter blocks that change depending how they are observed.

- Lesson 2, Superposition - Players learn that quantum blocks can exist in two different states simultaneously until observed.

- Lesson 3, Entanglement - Players find that blocks can be linked over large distances, such that manipulating one affects the other.

Players must work together to solve puzzle and challenges that require a grasp of these concepts.  It is our belief that students will gain an visceral understanding of this counterintuitive subject matter.

I hope many of you decide to give this a try in your own classrooms and share your experiences.  We are happy to assist you in this endeavor!

As an aside, I think this project is interesting from another perspective.  qCraft represents what is possible when a MinecraftEdu lesson is taken to extremes.  Here we have a challenging subject, a team of educators considering pedagogy, scientists working in the field checking for accuracy, one of the best mod developers writing code, and professional game designers building the maps.  I am highly interested in hearing the feedback of those on this group!

This would not have been possible without the contributions of a large team of awesome folks.  Huge thanks goes to:

Dan200 of ComputerCraft fame
Karl, Katya, and Carolina at E-Line Media
Spiros at CalTech’s Institute for Quantum Information and Matter
Scot, Max, and the rest of the team at PlayHabit
Steve Isaacs and the American Museum of Natural History for helping us playtest with living, breathing students
Our friends at Google

Have fun!

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Fantastic read.  Thanks for sharing.  Some answers:

1. YES!  As of the latest stable version, you can use (almost) any mod built with Forge.

2. Generally, this explains how to set them up:

3. Depends on the mods, more info explained in the link above.

4. You can't run two servers from the same installation.  But you can run the installer again, and choose to install into a completely different directory.  Then from each one run the startlauncher.jar to (duh) start the launcher, and run servers.  You will need to change the default port on one of them.  Go to Settings on the server launcher and change the port.

Happy to help, if that isn't clear!
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Cool. I think G+ Communities hae a lot going for them.  However the catch is always getting users to adopt.  And for the record, there is already a group here:

But the most active community I know of is this google group:

Just FYI!

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Google+/Facebook/Twitter Crosspost Test... of DOOM!
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Josie's 2nd Circus Birthday
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Ellie from 2.5 thru 3
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