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Give me Clarkson or give me death!
A friend sent this to me today...he could be right! The way the new #TopGear with that u-turn guy, #ChrisEvans is presented, it does not even look like a #car show. His #ridiculous face is all-over the once-beloved site with #BBC dicks saying - he is the best choice because he owns so many expensive cars. Well, my cousin owns so many cookbooks but she is still a #crap cook and you wouldn't want her presenting a food network show unless its about hopeless kitchen disasters...what kind of reasoning is that? Either way, the #TopGear we know and love is #dead...but should hopefully be reincarnated with the 3 Amigos that made the kind of show we have embraced over the is to more #revenge, #ambitiousness, #rubbishness and #shenanigans...and above all, #superfun times!

#JeremyClarkson #JamesMay #RichardHammond #backontheroad

Anyone have a Xbox Preview invite they can shoot at me?

Need some help/advice regarding #MerchantServices : my employer currently use Elavon via Costco for our merchant services. Not quite true interchange rates, but close. We recently upgraded terminals to the Verifone vx520 w/pinpad so we can accept EMV (chip cards) and contactless methods of payment. It's been an absolute nightmare. 

I haven't been able to get anyone at Elavon to be forthcoming about what the issue is; they are very calculated in their responses. When an issue comes up their only solution is to swap out the terminal or pinpad for a new one. We've had 6 terminals in as many months. We've always had good service from Elavon/Costco so I'm questioning whether this is going to be ongoing until the technology is mainstream.

At any rate, does anyone have any pleasant experiences using EMV capable terminals, inserting chip cards, using contactless forms of payment and could possibly recommend a merchant services provider that operates on the West coast?  Thank you in advance!

#elavon   #costco   #verifone   #vx520   #EMV  

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Hello Everyone, glad to have found this community.

Look out Eureka, Resistance is on the prowl!

If anyone had an ingress invite I'd be grateful!

I've said it before, but I have to say it again, I love Rob Tracy from Labsim, he's the bomb!

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Too close for comfort!

Anyone have a spare Ingress invite?
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