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New blog post! What would "supporting marriage" really look like?

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New blog post! A great example of using one’s privilege for good. |

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New blog post! "So what if privilege is the lowest difficulty setting?" A response to Scalzi's post.

So it looks like +NerdLacquer is turning into the latest Internet success/debacle, ignoring communications from customers, shutting her Etsy shop, ignoring Paypal disputes, etc. Easy come, easy go.

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New blog post! "Conscience clause" legislation and mental health training: MFT and the Culture Wars.

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New blog post: It's International Women's Day!

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New blog post: Links for leap year!

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Bay Areans - go see this show. The run is extended through Feb. 25. It is well-directed, and beautifully resonant with the past year of the Arab Spring, BART protests, and #Occupy. And it's set in SF!

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To say nothing of this "problem":

- I started using my pseud in 1990. On dial-up BBSs. Which I verify how?
- Then I started using it on Usenet. Google now has some of the archives but a lot of my most active years disappeared into the ether.
- I've used it on LiveJournal since 2001 and have made thousands of posts and comments there. But I locked 99% of my posts down years ago to prevent clients from finding them. I have also intentionally kept my "friends list" small (around 150 people) because it was personal writing for the most part.
- I don't use it on Facebook because of their policies. So I mostly don't use Facebook. And I keep my list small there as well because I don't want a lot of noise or to inadvertently share something with people I can't trust.
- I don't use it on Twitter; I just use a version of my real name because the only Tweeting I do is for my work.
- And I sure as hell don't use it here, particularly now that Google has made it clear that if my pro page is ever going to get ranked appropriately in a search for my name, I've got to have a G+ account associated with it that links to it.

So I have a 21-year-old pseud, that at one point in my life was better known than my "birth name" to the majority of my friends, which almost certainly wouldn't pass the G+ test because I'm not famous and never wanted to be famous under it. (Oh, maybe I could scan in some old DJ flyers! Wait, I tossed those in a move years ago...) And which I don't want to publicly link to my real name. So thanks for nothing G+.

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Comment originally posted on +Jon Pincus 's post here re the "new Google+ naming policy":

Here's my problem. Tell me if I have any of this wrong - I'm trying to make sense of G+ and Google's new search same as everyone else, and this isn't my field.

Let's say my pseud is Little Bunny FooBar. I have 150 friends on LJ under that pseud.

I write a post on my pro blog that I want my LJ friends to know about. So under my Little Bunny FooBar account, I post "hey, look at this post I wrote!" A - Google's algorhythm doesn't care much. 150 people networked to an LJ account is barely a pip on their radar. B - my real name is nowhere on my LJ account, just embedded in the URL I posted. C - I've been able to tell search engines not to spider my public LJ material for most of the time it's existed. Not all engines respect that, but Google does. D - if people pass the link along, they might say "hey Little Bunny FooBar wrote this great post" or they might say "this is a great post on same-sex relationships that people should read." And if I really care, I can say "please pass it on but don't link to my LJ," which people might or might not respect, but they at least have the choice of.

So the odds are pretty poor that someone is going to put "Sheila Addison" into Google, and come up with Little Bunny FooBar.

Now we come to G+, and I use my primary email address to create Little Bunny FooBar, which by some miracle passes the pseud check.

I write a post on my pro blog that I want my G+ friends to know about. So I post "hey look at this post I wrote!" And even if I don't say "I wrote," I just say "look at this post!"... A - Google prioritizes anything shared through a G+ account in their algorhythm, sometimes (as we've already seen in various blogs about the new search) over the original site itself. B - Google knows my real name because I sign it to a lot of my emails, and I also have my second, pro email address that is my real name. I pick up mails for both in the same in-box and switch between my IDs when sending emails depending on who they go to. So Google knows it's me. C - I can't tell Google not to spider my G+ posts. D - if my friends pass the link along, G+ conveniently says "Little Bunny FooBar originally shared this post," pushing the association even higher.

So the odds start to get real good real fast that someone is going to put "Sheila Addison" into Google, and come up with posts by or linked from Little Bunny FooBar. Which they then put into Google, and find whatever remnants of LJ, Usenet, comment forum, etc. etc. activity I've done over the past 21 years under that pseud, plus any LJ pictures anyone ever labeled with that handle and didn't make friends-only, and on and on and on.

Tell me where I've got this wrong, please.

I'm actually already buried under a Google problem, thanks to... well, you can Google me. The situation wasn't created by social media, but in order to try to get justice, I had to expose the situation to the public, and right now I don't know how many job interviews I am losing out on because someone is prioritizing Google over my resume, but I'm sure it's happening. I'm doing my level best to use things like my pro Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and my pro blog to "convince" Google that the freshest and most relevant content is actually the stuff about my career, but it became clear when the new search was rolled out that I had to be linking them to a G+ account, and having other people pass things on via that G+ account, for their placement to improve. Reverting this account to my pseud would push me back in the other direction as far as I can tell, AND expose my LJ activity, Usenet activity, comment forums, etc. which at least right now is not an issue.

(and to simplify: 1) If I pseud myself... and then share something I wrote under my professional name... and other people re-share it with the tag "[pseud] originally shared..." People searching for my professional name are going to get my G+ pseud because Google will prioritize the shares in search, y/n?

2) If I pseud myself... and then create a professional profile as well... People connected to my professional profile are at some point going to be offered my pseud account as "someone you might know" because Google knows I own both accounts, y/n? Particularly if personal friends who are connected to my pseud account also choose to connect to my pro account, creating lots of connections between the two?)
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