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The almost year at the Caine
I’ll always remembe r
2017 as the year that almost all the records at the Caine prize got broken.
Interestingly, no records were actually broken except one –the oldest writer to
make the shortlist. Sixty five year old Sudanese, Bushra al-Fadil is the oldest...

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Baggage reconciliation wahala
The old man walks towards my
colleague E and says, “Err, I just disembarked from the flight and my bag
didn’t come out of the conveyor belt. This one here looks like my bag but it
isn’t”. E asks for his luggage tag and he produces it. E checks and says, “Th...

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Weaponized Laptops
The US has imposed an electronics ban on nine carriers; Qatar Airways, Emirates, Turkish Airlines, EgyptAir, Etihad, Kuwait Airways, Royal Air Maroc, Royal Jordanian Airlines and Saudi Airlines from ten different airports around the world. The ban affects d...

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Definitions of some of the Italicized Non English words and phrases in Imbolo Mbue’s debut novel, “Behold the dreamers”
Ashia/Ashiaya –Consolation meaning accept
my sympathy. It could also mean “accept my condolences” in case of death of a
loved one Bébé –Baby from French. It is used to
fondly address a lover like Neni does to Jonga. Benskins –Commercial motor bikes Bo –Fun ...

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How Richard Quest featured my extract on CNN's "Quest Means Business" Daily Newsletter
I receive daily updates from CNN’s
Quest Means Business daily newsletter. So two days ago, I read this email from
Richard Quest and the QMB team…As I am traveling the world, it seems
appropriate to hear directly from you. So – pithy and short – tell me what...

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On writing about CAMRAIL trains before Eseka happened
Deux semaines! Que petit Eseka est
devenu tristement celebre. You'd been writing about a classic Rond point
traffic jam monster and the train passes in the scene. Your friend reads it and
starts evocations about his youthful days in Douala, when the train u...

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When Airbus aims to start "Airtaxi"
European aerospace giant Airbus has quietly lifted the
curtain on an ambitious Silicon Valley project called Vahana. It's a pilotless
passenger aircraft that aims to someday add a vertical component to your
commute. Think of Uber-like air taxis that can bea...

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International Air Traffic Controllers Day
During the 2016 Bloggers forum here
in Douala, I was honoured to be one of the panelists. Towards the end of the
event, someone met me and introduced himself as Touembou. He told me he works at the
control tower at the Douala airport as an air traffic contr...

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Meeting Ghanaian actor Majid Michel

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