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General Tso's chicken, but these guys have guts.
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i don t undertand english very well... hey eric are you ok?
how old are you? do you speak portuguese?
this is the best programing Tru TV can come up with?,its just slightly under Jersey Shore, and Quinn?..... stick to fire watching please.
your not that funny.
I can't even stomach the commercials for this idiotic "show".  I assume the lesbian crowd loves it because it fits their stereotype idea of men, but we're no where near it.  Traitors for a few bucks.  When are you going to start doing TRU TV again instead of c**p like this.  Why aren't World's Dumbest and Top 20 funniest on the front end splash page instead of this waste of electrons.
hey just because you might not like the show doesn't mean you have to announce to the whole world that you do!! just because you don't have a sense of humor doesn't mean other people don't!! there are more than likely more people that loves this show than hates it!!! if you had a life and a sense of good humor than you wouldn't hate the show!!! so I suggest you take your hating, negative, lame ass, no sense of humor, dislikeable comments SOMEWHERE ELSEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When i saw Sal do this episode I felt scared for but it was so funny. Great show!
Love you Sal 💜
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