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What does a gigantic green mouse have to do with a suspected car thief?
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So the suspect thinks it's safe when the giant green mouse is gone, but in this case the suspect didn't give a fuck about him noticing...
Jesse R
Ever seen the sign holders/spinners? They wear costumes. It appears that this undercover officer would have been going to work as a costume worker, but "forgot" his mouse head. So it looked even more legitimate.

Since it looks like this guy clearly got out of and owns the car, I'm not sure why this guy decided he could just take it.
Apparently, career criminals are attracted to them, and the follow the mouse to the trap.   Hope his buddy's enjoy the mouse story... I'm sure he'll be warning all of them to "look out for the mouse"

young Teen Family
I am rallying to support a teen family that I have gotten to know through my volunteer work at their high school. The mother-to-be, upon finding out that she was pregnant, was evicted from her house. She is trying to finish her junior year, and we are hoping to finish high school. Her boyfriend's family has taken her in until the baby is born, which is in two months, but these two kids have absolutely nothing to start out with. The money will be used to try to put a deposit on an apartment with a few month's rent, and to buy basic baby supplies. Some close friends have started a "Baby Supply Drive." These kids have absolutely nothing. I am hoping with some help, she can finish high school.
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