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Hurrah! After hours of scouring the internet, and trying different approaches, I've finally managed to get a stored procedure to execute multiple queries when being called by PHP!

So, Amazon released a new entry level Kindle yesterday; priced at $79 in the US it sounds like a good deal. How much would you think us Brits will be asked to part with for the same product? £59, £69..? No, try £89! Perhaps someone at Amazon has forgotten that the Pound is still more valuable than the Dollar as a unit of currency.

54,715 rows huh? Time to get relational on yo ass!

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Totally Charged!

Off to Cologne in the morning :)

Something about the Olympics' one year celebration really stinks, calling all the youth around the world to get involved, despite the kids who were taken to Singapore to win the bid aren't being supported in their Olympic dreams.

Safari isn't what it used to be, has Apple decided not to compete against the likes of Microsoft & Google and just given up?

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I'm a big chocolate slut

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Had to read this a few times before I spotted it...
I missed this from last week- BBC Headline- The speaking cock turns 75 on Sunday. I actually read it before the error was corrected I think.

The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony EPIC :)
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