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It's called cheating with no regard & respect for our democratic process. Under the pretence of "Emergencies" like for example ending domestic partnership health insurance days before Christmas? I'm just calling it out like it is ON the record.
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Saw a video on this last night. Was hilarious to see them ask to stand up to count the votes and in 2 seconds he, apparently, had counted enough votes to pass the bill under "immediate effect". How the guy was able to count 73 people in 2 seconds is beyond me.
+Chuck Cortes Yes I saw the same thing and was beside myself that he had such super abilities to scan and count in that amount of time. Really corrupt.
+Emiliana Chavez It's actually quite horrifying. I'm constantly reminded of the scene in the Star Wars movie about how democracy dies with thunderous applause. In this case, the slam of a gavel.
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