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You'll find my opinions on a variety of topics as well as links to other things on the web that I find interesting.
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Usted encontrará mi opinión sobre una variedad de temas, así como enlaces a otras cosas en la web que me parece interesante.
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 "I thank God for saving me through Jesus Christ our Lord! (Romans 7.25)"

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Greater Boston
Places I lived:
Volta Redonda, Rio. Brazil; Nilma, Victoria. Australia; Boston, Massachusetts. USA.
Where I am:
Earth, Solar System, Orion Arm, Milky Way, Local Group, Virgo Supercluster



I did like Andy's Bennett comment (#4 most):

1) You need to find people who are more fluent than yourself to talk with.
2) Listen carefully to native speakers (but remember that they aren't always right!)
3) Read a lot from reliably edited literature, such as books and major newspapers and magazines.
4) Pay attention to how things are phrased and practice saying them then changing them by substituting different nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.

#English   #Ingles   #Inglês   #conversation   #SpokenEnglsih  
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I was driving by #EarlyMorning somewhere in #Easton / #Bridgewater #cities , when this sighting came to my view. 
Then I stopped my car, pick up my #SamsungGalaxy #Tablet and take this #picture, after I edited on #Corel   #PaintShopPro   to share with You, right here on G+.

Eu estava dirigindo de manha entre duas #cidades, quando me deparei com esta #paisagem  , tirei a #foto  com o meu tablet e editei , para compartilhar com voces aqui no #GooglePlus  

#landscape   #nature   #natureza  
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East St Walpole, MA. 
#landscape   #paisagem  
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How to pronounce -s
Як правильно вимовляти закінчення множини чи 3-ої особи однини:
[z] після дзвінких звуків  (окрім шиплячих)
[s] після глухих 
[iz] після шиплячих ( [s] [z] [ʃ] [tʃ] [dʒ] [ʒ] )
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такий гарний день
так чудово водить машину
мала така смішна
така кумедна ситуація

Ваші варіанти перекладу в коментарях?
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A cool and funny way to learn English. 
It's easier to remember.
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Have them in circles
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commented on a video on YouTube.
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Nice #landscape video footage & #instrumental #piano solo #music.

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#Downtown in #Norfolk, #MA

#landscape   #paisagem   #urban   #urbanphotography   #urbanismo  
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Finally, the Earth has completed 365 days (1 year) rotation around the sun, and here we go again, restarting again the cycle of time.
Thanks God! for the mechanics of life in this vast universe.

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#english  #BritishEnglish  #ESL #ESOL

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Translation table explaining the truth behind British politeness becomes internet hit

The British trait of being too polite to speak one's mind has led to a table translating numerous hollow English phrases becoming an internet hit.
The table sheds light on just how difficult it can be for a foreigner to understand what the British really mean when they're speaking – especially for those take every word at face value.
Phrases that prove the trickiest to decipher include 'you must come for dinner', which foreigners tend to take as a direct invitation, but is actually said out of politeness by many Britons and often does not result in an invite.
The table also reveals that when a person from Britain begins a sentence "with the greatest respect ...', they actually mean 'I think you are an idiot'.
It also reveals that 'very interesting' can often mean 'that is clearly nonsense'.
The table, which has been posted on an number of blogs, has attracted thousands of comments from both Britons and foreigners claiming the interpretations are true to life.
Duncan Green, a strategic adviser for Oxfam who posted it online, described it as "a handy guide for our fellow Europeans and others trying to fathom weaselly Brit-speak".
Mr Green said: "Sadly, I didn’t write it. It’s just one of those great things that is being passed around on the internet."
Although the author of the table is unconfirmed, it is thought it may have originally been drawn up by a Dutch company as an attempt to help employees working in the UK.

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Learn English: 
I hope you find Ways to improve your #English  grammar useful, but #grammar is only one part of learning English, or any #language .
We also need to practice #reading , #writing , #speaking , #listening , as well as learning new #vocabulary and improving your  #pronunciation .
All text from Perfect English Grammar website.

#collocations #fluency   #proficiency   #EnglishProficiency   #CambridgeUniversityPress #OxfordUniversityPress   #ESOL   #ESL   #PhasalVerbs   #IdiomaticExpression #dictionary   #Ingles  
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