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Oh, I bought a tablet!

After futzing around with two other tablets (both Acers) I finally decided to pull the trigger and buy a Lenovo. I did a lot of research trying to find the right tablet, and while the Acer tablets both had their strengths, I wasn't totally happy with either one. This one, though, hits all the right notes.

I'll be playing with it some more to see where the strengths and weaknesses are, but this one feels like a keeper.

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Do you ever wonder...

... what's going on in your sibling's head?
(Sent via message by my sister)
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Come liked it!
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You know what's not fun?

Having pretty much your entire family hammered by the flu the weekend before, and right into the Easter weekend. I thought I was better today, but it turns out that was NOT the case. I'm warm, flushed, freezing, coughing, things are coming out of me in very nasty ways, and I've still got young kids to watch over, some of whom keep taking bad turns.

Let this be a lesson: get your flu shots people!
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Always, it's a job requirement
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Well, it was worth a shot...

I've been (overbearingly) desperate for a new tablet for a long time, so about three weeks ago I decided to pick up a Windows tablet for cheep from The Source. It seemed like a very solid buy for a great price, and for a short time, I was quite happy with my purchase. But niggling doubts kept creeping in, and I've finally decided to get rid of it. Reasons:

Like Windows can, the tablet had a tendency to shut itself down for no good reason that I could find, and trying to pour through Event Viewer with a touch interface is NOT fun.

Speaking of touch interface, the Desktop "view" is cool and all, but it's really not ideal when you're not using a keyboard and mouse. Lots of trial and error to be efficient (an oxymoron, I know). And no, I didn't explore all the options (ie: Bluetooth mouse), but I also didn't feel like bringing my OTG cable, my USB four-port hub and a lightweight USB keyboard and mouse around wherever I went.

Switching between Tile and Desktop view could be frustrating: which apps showed up in which interface was very hit-and-miss. If I was in Tile view, some (but not all) desktop apps showed up, whereas when I was in Desktop view, no Tile apps showed up. And don't get me started about app management: it took me fifteen minutes and a few searches online just to figure out how to uninstall Windows 8 phone/tablet apps in the first place, since they didn't show up via Control Panel.

Back to power for a second, Windows 8 doesn't provide a "close all" option like Android (and I'll assume iOS) has, so twice the power ran down on the tablet overnight. I woke to a dead slate, and had to charge it up. Also, the coin toss of "is it off, or is it asleep" was a fun game the first three times or so, more tedious as the weeks wore on.

The Windows 8 phone/tablet apps were, on the whole, pretty stable, but when they crashed, they just went away. Maybe there's a setting to let you know what happened, or maybe you have to jump into the Event Viewer (see above) to find the crash by hand. Either way, it made for some frustration.

On the plus side, since I've been so negative thus far, the tablet feels great in the hand, the screen is VERY nice, and some apps like Netflix and the Microsoft Arkadium games (Solitaire, Minesweeper, etc.) are really well put together. The constant reminder that you could upgrade the games was a bit of a let down, which brings me back to the con side, and my last point...

As I've been using my BlackBerry PlayBook and Android for the past few years, I know what to expect in terms of apps and general feel, and I just couldn't seem to get a feel for Windows 8 on a tablet. It's not quite split down the middle, caught between Tile and Desktop view, and apps have a lot to do with that. There's very little that's free (what can I say, I don't have a lot of money to throw at a tablet), and what is there seems just a little off, coming from publishers that I don't know (or trust) enough to install their knock-off version of something that looks like an app that might come in handy. In a lot of ways, it reminds me very much of what happened to the BlackBerry PlayBook: a good environment hobbled by the fact that no one seemed willing to devote time into developing for it. If there had been more Tile-based apps, I might have stuck around for longer, but when I realized that I was using the tablet as a glorified NetFlix and gaming machine, with none of my usual collection of tools and productivity apps, I decided to throw in the towel.

Maybe I'll try a low-cost Android tablet, like the UbiSlate... heck, I can get two of 'em! Acer Iconia Tab 8 W1-810 (whew!)... you are outta here!

#review #tablet
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Security Question / Concern

I'm on Android (because reasons), and yesterday I got an email notification that was obviously a phishing scam, ostensibly from my country's revenue agency, offering me a repayment on (presumably) last year's taxes.

I LOL'D at the ham fisted attempt to seem legit, put my phone to sleep, and figured I would check it out later. Now however, I cannot for the life of me find the damned thing. I only have two email accounts attached to this device, and I've checked 'em both, with no sign of the offending email.

And so, my question: if that email also had a malware payload, could it have been triggered due to the notification being thrown up on my screen? Is it possible that my phone has now been "hacked"?
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Who needs 4CHAN?

I've signed myself up for a naughty collection, so every time I refresh Google+ on my desktop, I'm playing a version of pr0n roulette...
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you can make it so that that collection doesn't show in your newsfeed I think, at least you can with communities and circles. 
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We just happen to...

I think this is my new favourite thing right now. Literally made me laugh out loud with a ha!
(via Tumblr)
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I'll give him that, just as I'll give him "like", in absentia.
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This Stereo...

Is literally older than my marriage, and it has now gone to the electronics recycling drop-off in my village (handy thing to have, that).

The stereo was one of the first things I bought myself as a "grown-up", and it served me (then, us) well for over 20 years. But even a cheap little apartment stereo can't last forever, and it was spending more time as a digital clock than it was as a music playing machine thingy. So, goodbye, old friend. I'll miss you!

(Side note: ten years of accumulated dust does NOT a pretty picture make...)
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I still have my first harddrive. A 2.5 GB bigfoot.
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Caturday Napping...

Those two photos may seem the same, but there was a twitch, I swear it!

I like to believe he was dreaming of being involved in an olde-timey stagecoach robbery. "Reach for the sky!"
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I've decided...

To become a metroidendosexual on Miitomo. Would you like to be my friend? Let's make cute Nintendo characters say bad words and wear non gender norm clothes together, mkay?

I'm not sure how to link to friends, but my name in Miitomo is quatmosk !
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+Nigel Joiner Wait... how are you NOT on Twitter? That's for old people like us now.
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Always, in Florida...

When she gets out of the hospital, that boy is going to learn "you don't shoot to maim, Dammit! "
Florida mom Jamie Gilt was shot Tuesday by her 4-year-old son.
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I guess I'm lucky I got out of Florida alive!  I miss it sometimes...this is not one of those times
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I think I have a problem...

[NOTE: This is a long one. TL;DR > new stuff doesn't make me as happy as it should.]

In the past two months, I've become obsessed with two purchases: Google Cardboard, and a new tablet. And when I say obsessed, I mean obsessed like can't get them out of my mind, can't move forward without them, ear-worm kind of obsessed.

For Google Cardboard, that's probably due to two factors: the unrelenting media coverage of VR (I'm prone to suggestion) and the relatively low cost of a Cardboard kit, especially when purchased on-line. I bought my kit via Amazon, and then spent what felt like two months getting more and more amped up waiting for a few pieces of pre-punched cardboard, along with lenses and some magnets, to arrive via the mail. I almost skipped back to the house from the mailbox when it came in, and then sat, somewhat crestfallen, putting it together and realizing that this ain't no Occulus Rift. It works well enough, given I'm only powering it with a Galaxy S4, but it's far from earth-shattering. Add on the sad-but-true fact that Cardboard apps are large and somewhat underwhelming at this time, and the result is a strange new "device" in my home that I don't pick up as often as I probably should.

The second item on my list was a new tablet. This has been itching at the back of my brain for some time now, and the fever pitch raised quite a bit when I realized that The Source (formerly Radio Shack) was running a sale on cheap tablets. I had two options to choose from in my limited price range: both were Acer Iconias, but one was Android and one was Windows 8.1. Neither tablet was going to set the world on fire in terms of specs, but there was definitely a difference between the two in terms of screen resolution, front-facing camera and storage space, among others. The Windows tablet won those three contests handily, and I decided to go with that. Once I'd made up my mind, I couldn't seem to unmake it. And not for lack of trying.

Although there were supposedly about seven of these tablets floating around in my area, I was damned if I could find one. The downtown location was a bust, twice, with the first visit ending with an attempted up-sell / bait-and-switch, and the second leaving me tablet-less. So, screw you, Rideau Centre location! I finally tracked one down in another location, and when I showed up there, there was an attempt to sell me the 10 inch model first, and when that was corrected, an attempt to overcharge me (double!) for the 8 inch model I actually wanted. But, in the end, I got my prized tablet. Yay me!

But now that I have it, I seem to see nothing but the downsides of it:
*I'm deathly afraid to drop it.
*Windows in tablet form is strange and irksome.
*It has rebooted itself at least once, unbidden.
*What I wanted it for, DosBOX, is a tad clunky (it needs to have a mouse connected just to run?!?).
*The storage space seems to be dwindling fast.
*It's Windows, so anti-virus is kind of a must-have.
*And the tablet-style apps are not as prevalent on the Windows platform as they are on Android, obviously.

This is a tablet that acts like a computer, and it acts differently from my Blackberry PlayBook, which is an even differenter beastie. A creaky old beastie that I desperately want to replace with a newer, fresher device. I figured that a Windows tablet would lead to some challenges, but unless I can really hammer away at it for a few hours each day, my option of returning it to get my money back is fast coming to a close. And if I do bring it back, then I'm back to my old faithful, and I've got to wait for another good tablet sale further down the road...

At the end of the day, when I get a new toy, shouldn't I be happy with it? Or, even more realistically: should I stop wanting new toys? Is my constant need to get new stuff indicative of a lack I feel somewhere else in my life? The imperative is strong, but not so strong that I have a lie-cheat-charge-steal-kill drive to get some fancy $300 plus device, so at least there's that. I mean, I may be weak... yeah, that's it really.
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I will say that the Windows device was an odd choice.  I disagree with your apple loving womb-mate, my android is far superior simply by it's expandable memory.  However I fully agree with Meridith, I think if I vacationed with her I wouldn't think of my tablet for a second. 
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