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Harry Scriven
Girls' rights, history, IT & whisky bore. 25 yr old (step)daughter now calls me Dad.
Girls' rights, history, IT & whisky bore. 25 yr old (step)daughter now calls me Dad.

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After acquiring Indesit, Whirlpool wrote to us last year to advise that a manufacturing fault with our tumble dryer could result in a fire. They wanted to fix it free of charge but also gave us the option to buy a new dryer at a reduced price :eyesroll:

They also wrote that I hadn't registered the dryer in the first place. I pointed out to Gloria that if I had not registered the dryer they wouldn't have had the correct name and address.

So, they come out to modify it last week. The result? It stopped working the next day.

I've attached a photo taken half an hour ago. This was following this morning's attempt to fit a new motor. The motor they tried to fit earlier this morning...didn't work!

Within the last ten minutes, a new motor has been fitted. The tumble dryer is back in business. 

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A sobering thought in the refugee debate. 

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Yesterday, +David Routh posted about a really bright terrible shirt. I wrote that I would wear it to work.

I sometimes wear very bright shirts. As it happens, I was at my Mum's bungalow yesterday, wearing a very bright shirt.

Please excuse the stupid smiles. I wasn't feeling entirely serious when I took these selfies.
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I'm getting low on vodka which probably brings an end to my recent vodka martini experiment. As Jack Nicholson might say to me, "You can't handle vermouth!"

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Android Pay has been getting me a little attention.

My credit card company emailed me and said that I could sign up with my card. This was a fortnight ago and since then I have been paying on contactless card readers everywhere with my phone. There I am, in my mid forties impressing all of tech savvy teen shop and restaurant assistants with my really cool 😎 way of paying.

"Did you just pay with your phone?" they ask.

"It's Android Pay," I say, nonchalantly.

"I've never heard of that before."

I smile and walk off into the sunset. 

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I spent the weekend ripping down my old shed and putting up a new one. I've actually still got to bang in a few tacks to secure the roof felt at the back but it's now functional.

The spiders were very startled when I pulled down the old shed. One little spider lady kept running backwards and forwards across the old shed floor as if shouting out, "What's happening? What's going wrong with our World."

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I was reading some work related articles this afternoon when I saw this.

Man, Microsoft sure are shameless and high pressured. They even nag weather forecasters live on air.

The report says that the weather caster named Slater said, "Microsoft recommends upgrading to Windows 10. Gosh, what should I do?"

I know what I'd do with Windows ;-)

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We had a little snow and sleet last week. And then the sun came out that same afternoon.

Yesterday, the morning was overcast and the afternoon was constant light rain. During the early evening the sun came out with a vengeance.

Good old British weather. You can't beat it.

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Storm Katie turned up, made a mess and left. I should have known what was to happen - my sister's name is Kate :-D

Yesterday, was a really bad Bank Holiday. No rest and relaxation for Gloria and I. And my mother got a little agitated waiting for her son who turned up to take her out for a lunch over an hour late - although I did give her a telephone call to warn her.

On the Isle of Wight, the winds were recorded at over 100 miles per hour. The Isle of Wight is a twenty minute drive and a twenty minute catamaran trip away from our house. So, I should be happy that our house didn't have its roof ripped off.

Our shed lost its roof and the door was ripped off, also. The fence has also lost a couple of panels.

I patched up the shed, yesterday evening. It's raining again now, so, sorry for the quality of the photos

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For those who are dedicated internet stalkers of little ol' me, you will already know that I haven't been enjoying the best of health this week -

It was okay earlier this week, as on Sunday afternoon, I had used a big pot to cook an evening meal to last Gloria and I a few days. Gloria kindly grabbed tea on her way home from work on Thursday and Friday.

But what about today? Well, about an hour ago we decided to order in some pizza. (The lunch of Kings and Queens?)

Domino's Pizza now has a pizza order tracker on their site. It opens in a new browser tab if selected on the order confirmation page.

This bot introduces itself as Dom. I suspect many people will suppose that Dom is short for Dominic and thus assuming that the bot is male.

However, if you input the name Dom into, which uses information from the most recent census of names in use in the UK, Dom can be short for around 100 names, a few of which are unisex and half of the remaining names being female.

So, thank you for commentating on the journey of our pizzas Domanique/Domitiana/Domarina. ;-)
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