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dream. inspire. create.
dream. inspire. create.

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Ocean Crossings, Cross-Stitch and Stitch Fix
It seems like I haven't shared much recently at least on this blog (you can read how I'm not teaching the Peanut to share here ...) but I have to remind myself that the only deadlines I impose on this blog are the ones I make for myself. Sometimes there's s...

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Bye, Bye, 2016!
I had this l eng thy post nearly read y to go, detailing the high lights of our year . All I had to do w as sort out photos to insert into the post. Apparently techn ology hates me in 2016, because I seem to have lost the whole thing. I p roba bly just didn...

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Ya'll... I questioned our move s outh ALL summer. Our city ranked in the top 5 in the nation for hottest summer. We had 90 plus days of 90 degree weather. It FINALLY cooled off last week , only to have the temperatures rise back into the 80s this week. We S...

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Itching for Fall
All around me, people are itching for Fall to begin, in more ways than one. ( Heat rash, anyone?! ) This summer has been a crazy hot one... and although I'm usually a little sad to be packing up swimsuits, the reality is that this summer was almost too hot ...

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Welcome back?
A lifetime ago, when I worked for Mercy Ships, I waved goodbye to their flagship from an ice cold dock in Germany. I spent a few weeks in England and then returned to the States to assimilate back into American culture. I slept late, recovered from jet-lag,...

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The End of a Chapter
Ever since I took my summer break , it's been obvious that I 've struggled to post regularly on here. I've barely created even one post a month since then . ( Let's face it, I completely missed the months of January and April . )  The past half a year's wor...

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Spring Reset
The other day someone asked me what I was proud of recently... and I said I was proud of the fact that I managed to clean the bathrooms. HA! That should give you an indication of how much 'extra' stuff I'm managing to (not) get done these days.  'Write blog...

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Air Mail
I've said before and I'll say it again, I love snail mail . As a kid I always enjoyed the long walk to the mailbox, hoping for a letter from one of my pen pals. I still get excited to get a real letter in the mail (although these days it's far and few betwe...

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Yes, I know it's been forever. It's February already.  FEBRUARY!!  I promise you, I haven't forgotten this blog. But you know the days run into other days, and there's a constant flow of meal prep, dishes, playtime, laundry, errands... and occasionally slee...

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'Tis the Season...
While I haven't posted on here in a month (!) I can assure you, I haven't forgotten about the blog. But after the hectic month of November, and writing an entire novel, I promised myself a few weeks of calm in December.  My fingers also cramped up at the th...
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