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internet neutrality; things you probably didn't think about

- low income families who are barely making their rent who have internet will not be able to pay for extra fees

- kids/teens who really rely on their friends on the internet will have that taken away from them (if they talk on main stream social medias)
if there is no alternative, there may be a spike in suicides

- small businesses who run off of the internet may have to shut themselves down due to internet service providers shutting their website down

- even though you already have to pay to use itunes and netflix, you'll have to pay just to open the apps

i'm not sure if these are correct, but these are thoughts i had

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Art for a DA Contest :-)

I finally feel motivated to complete some art! I'm gonna start drawing and SpeedPainting starting today! If you have any requests please let me know! Art requests:
Lost: Human Chibi
Sarahkey8: Human Chibi
Snowlondon: Human Chibi
Violet: Silhouette ( you didn't say what type of art you wanted )
Sarahkey8: Realistic sketch
Transions: ( can I have a picture of your animal? )
4 Slots left

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I as of now identify as a male.

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