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Cabbage Creation.
Hi all, It's been very hot in the land down under. I am in the process of replanting my summer garden. It's been too hot to plant new seedlings. Finally it's cooled down to 30deg or less instead of 30-40. I have made some tasty Mince chow Mien with the last...

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This week was all about cleaning up the garden pods . I was able to harvest 2 delectable sugarloaf cabbages, Not sure what what I'm going to make with them yet but stay tuned. Some new Red Cherry tomatoes. They taste very sweet. Possibly the last of the Str...

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Happy Harvest
Ripe red Strawberry More perfect Strawberries to come. Cherry tomato plant growing wild. Colossal Cabbage. Parsley & Basil fighting for supremacy. Springs first Strawberries. First Spring harvest! Tasty Cherry tomato.

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One ripe red strawberry. And there is Many more in store. Pass around the parsley. Bushy Basil. Does anyone know where my Gnome is? Future tasty Tomato  Itching to try some Cherry tomatoes. Spinach sprouting superbly. Fantastic Crazy sugar loaf cabbage. Abs...

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Ravishing Rosemary. Sweet Sugarloaf cabbage. Magical Mint.  Terrific Tomatoes. Stocked with the Spinach. Forest of Parsley. Bonza Basil.

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My mint plant is flourishing . Making something with Mint. Watermelon, Mint , ice cubes, a perfect combination. Chopped and ready to go. Add a mini blender. MMmm looking good! All in and ready to create. Abracadabra!!! MINTY MELON MAGIC ! Really fresh and t...

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Just picked herbs of plenty.  prepped and ready for action. Herbs, cheese and bread dough. classic combo. Deluxe delicious dough. Trays of Muffins , ready to bake. Baked to perfection. MMMmm do you know the muffin Man? Because today I AM the Muffin Man! Awe...

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Ta Daa, finally a face for the Name. Meet Me , Alby. Just tidying up the pods for winter growth. And still a few more Strawberries. Winter wonder lettuce. Crazy cabbage. Curley carrots and spring onions almost over :{ Curley Carrots, out of this world.  Mor...
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