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Bill Hayes
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Owner of AC Paintball


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Paintball is a social sport. Without good communication, it is difficult to be successful. With the right team, paintball can help any introvert learn how to come out of their shell.

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Think you've seen all the military styles of play ACP has to offer? Think again!

Check out these great game types, such as POW, Traitor, and Attack/Defend.

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Let's face it - corporate outings can be lame. Who wants to spend even MORE time with their coworkers?

But...what if you get to shoot them with paintballs?

Here's why our corporate events are awesome -

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Have you ever played pump paintball?

Here are our pros and cons for this unique and old school method of play.

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Christmas has come and gone, but snow and Winter weather is getting into full swing.

Here are some gift ideas that we think the paintballer in your life would love -

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AC Paintball provides a "newbie friendly" environment. Here are some of our best tips for those just breaking into the game -

The beauty of Winter paintball is all the layers you get to wear!

Here are 4 tips for Winter paintball play that will optimize your experience -

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We're all beginners at some point!

Here are some of our most basic and important tips for individuals taking to the field for the first time -
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