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Cary Kirk
All the Cary you can shake a stick at. (at which you can shake a stick?)
All the Cary you can shake a stick at. (at which you can shake a stick?)

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Security is a funny thing. No one really cares about keeping their information private and secure until it has been compromised. Then, once they recover, they are so careful that it makes their life harder.

Every time I read something funny on Reddit, I want to repost it here. A lot of people I know do not read reddit. (do not reddit?) Then, I rethink that because everyone reposts Reddit...

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So, the banana dancing thing was first born on Albino Blacksheep. I remember watching that animation while living at Bethel. We walked around Brenneman singing that song, and the badger song. The animation was so popular, it was homaged on family guy, and baseball games?!?! Weird.

This video is very funny to me, because that banana apparently messes with the security guards all the time.

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I need to know someone that owns one of these. Seriously.

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This makes me want to try linux... The fact that he held a release back to fix an almost unrepeatable bug. He didn't want to release something that wasn't good enough. Great job Linus.
Why do we always find the subtle bugs just before a release?

Looks like I won't be releasing 3.0 today, just because Hugh found this incredibly subtle pathname lookup bug. We have a patch, we understand the problem, and it looks ObviouslyCorrect(tm), but I don't think I want to release 3.0 just a couple of hours after applying it.

Of course, the bug is so hard to see that Hugh needs weeks to reproduce it even with his stress test, so we could just ignore it and backport the fix later. But I really hate making releases with known issues even if it's almost certainly a "nobody will ever hit this in practice" issue.

Oh well.

Can someone with OSX Lion explain to me how full screen browsing is different from F11 in windows? I'm not trying to hate, I just wonder if there is a killer difference.

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This woman is awesome. It makes me miss one Grandma, and love my other one more.

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Also, I didn't realize this before, but I believe it to be very true. Flipping social vampires.

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