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Jonathan White
Christ follower, Husband, Father, Buckeye fan, Podcaster, Author, & Financial Coach.
Christ follower, Husband, Father, Buckeye fan, Podcaster, Author, & Financial Coach.

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Question I’ve been pondering lately, what constitutes as an unexpected expense? Aren't some of the unexpected expenses we always hear about "expected" at some point in our lives? What do you think?

When you and your spouse have agreed on your spending, you’ve essentially agreed on your life. #DoABudget #HardConversation #WorthIt 

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I have coached a lot of city dwellers and I can vouch for this shift. It's expensive to buy in the big cities.

Having the money in the bank does not tell you what you SHOULD do, it only tells you what you CAN do. #Money

There's no one size fits all solution to our money issues. But often we feel stuck because we’re trying to do ten different things at once.

Rather continue to try to do all of those things, step back and reflect on what is truly the most important in the moment and focus all your attention on that thing.

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This is the kind of audit warning I don't mind getting from my tax software service each year!

I love getting this message as it is a reminder to our family why we avoid debt and have a plan with our money, to bless others.

#HumbleBrag #DebtFree #Giving #Taxes


I'm only half way through it but Mary Hunt's book “Raising Financially Confident Kids” is quickly becoming one of my must read for parents teaching their child about money! #parenting #Money #Books

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Been getting some great responses on this survey about #MoneyandDebt. If you haven't had a chance yet would you mind taking a few minutes and filling out the 9 Multiple Choice question survey?

I'll be using the result to assist in an upcoming book project I'm doing on the mindset of those who are debt free.

If you have already filled it out, THANK YOU! Can't wait to share the results with you soon. #Money #Survey #DebtFree

Got to love Ohio weather-This time last week I was outside in a T-shirt at the park with my kids and today it's blowing snow. #OhioWeather

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The #MoneyandDebt webinar is kicking off in about 30 minutes at 9:30 EST. Will you be joining us?
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