I feel people go overboard with the online privacy and anonymity bandwagon. Privacy is great but people want so much of it that in essence they are erasing their online presence entirely.

The internet was a revolutionary aspect of the past, is a major aspect of our lives in the present, and will be the most fundamental technology for every single thing in the future. Full anonymity and privacy will prevent you from achieving even the most basic tasks. We are very much moving towards a Minority Report world - and that's great! Though some idiots are unintentionally steering us into a Huxley-style "Brave New World," but that's another topic for another time.

I feel Google operates in the way Greg Smith claimed Goldman Sachs used to operate back in the day: making money from the clients' happiness, not at the expense of said happiness, is the primary goal. I have full faith that Google does indeed use your information for good to make your life more convenient and help you get to the things in which you are interested. Without the user-friendliness provided by today's web applications and services, all of us would be fumbling with our computers just as we all did back in the 90s, back when computer geeks and technophiles like myself were in the 1% of the population, back when everyone else believed they were too stupid to use technology. With full anonymity and privacy, we will revert our beloved Google and Facebook back to Altavista and MySpace.

I know its coming from Google directly, but the article below reinforces my faith that the company has only the interests of the user in mind. Again, I'm all about privacy and anonymity for the sole purpose of self-protection from identity thieves and scammers and such. However, if we support the correct companies and organizations (see Mozilla and EFF, for instance) then I feel the internet will become SAFER, not more dangerous, once technology forces all of us to share more about our personal lives and preferences on the internet.
We’ve always approached our ads system with trust and safety in mind. Because we believe that ads are useful information that can help you find what you’re looking for online, we want you to be able to click on any ads that interest you without being worried that the ads come from scammers. To that end, we have a variety of policies and technologies dedicated to preventing bad actors from abusing the ads system.

Recently, we made some improvements to help ensure that the ads you see on Google comply with our principles and policies. Read more about the updates on our blog post: http://goo.gl/FvWie and watch our video of explaining more about how we detect and remove scam ads:
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