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Check out my article on The 4 Rules of Comedy Writing

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A Bouquet Garni of Moi!
I’m currently in talks with the producers
of Top Chef   France to be a celebrity
judge on the French version. I’ve told them no thanks twice, but there’s a summer
place in Aix-en-Provence with my name on it, and they keep throwing more money
at me, so I may...

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Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself, S’il Vous Plaît
     Don’t expect me to
bark, do tricks or chase after a chew toy because “Je ne fais pas le chien.” If
you don’t speak French that means, “I don’t do dog.” Yes.
I am a dog. A pug. And I can talk. I suggest that you deal with that
immediately so we can move...

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Check out the latest installment from my parody of Ann Coulter
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