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Best podcast app for Windows 10 Mobile?

I have been using Podcast Lounge for a long time, but I have been having a lot of problems with it today. It decided to forget all my saved podcasts and now it wont let me log in to Onedrive to restore a backup from a few months ago.

This is the second time it has forgetten everything. but last time I was able to restore the backup ok.

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I was at a trade show last night. HP were there with the Elite X3 and Lap Dock. It was really cool how easily I was able to wirelessly connect my Lumia 950 to the Lap Dock. I think even the HP guys there were surprised that it worked.

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Its a somewhat misleading title, because Windows 10 Mobile is still here. But still kind of sad.
For the last year and a half I have been using my Lumia 950 every day and I love it. I upgraded to it from my good old 808. It was so nice to have a fast and modern OS again. But it was like going from an OS with no support to another one with almost no support.
As much as I like Windows 10 Mobile, I think my next phone will have to be running Android. That probably wont be until 2019 though, I want to get a good three years out of my 950.

I just hope by that time I can find an Android phone with the main four features that I want. That is an always on screen, Qi charging, really good camera and good/loud speaker.

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So, the Lumia 950 was originally planned to have stylus support. An interesting feature, but its not something I would ever use.

Im still happy with my 950 as it is.

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This is more gaming related than smarphone, but some of you may be interested.
Over the last two years or so I have been collecting and playing N-gage games. There isnt very much good quality gameplay videos on youtube, so I decided to make my own.
Here is a playlist of a review and gameplay videos I have made so far. There are more to come over the next week or so.

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I know Google always wants to make progress, but it seems a bit strange announcing Android O when barely anything runs Nougat yet.

Just finished listening to the latest PSC.
The Wii is indeed 10 years old. It was released December 2006.

Im also loving my Switch, no problems for me 😃

As nice as the new Nokia 3310 may be, only having 2G network is a terrible decision. Why use such an outdated network?

Here in Australia, Telstra (the biggest network) already shut down their 2G network. Optus is doing the same thing in a few months and Im sure Vodaphone and Virgin wont be far behind.
They seem to be aiming this phone at the European market. Is 2G still widely being used there?

Just a note on mobile games and ads.
I would say Im a pretty serious gamer, I play a lot of stuff but almost zero of it is on phones. The ads and micro transactions are a joke, so I consider almost all mobile games to be trash.
If you want high quality portable games, you really have to get a Nintendo 3DS. No ads, just buy the game and you have it. This is exactly what you guys wanted.

A side note, I do know there are a few mobile games that are actually ok. Lara Croft Go is probably my favorite, no ads in that either.

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I dont have Flickr and I didnt want to make an account just for one photo.
I wanted to share this one I got at the Cat Cafe in Melbourne a few days ago on my Lumia 950. It turned out very nicely, I think
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