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John Huber

Hi all, I am trying to get a modal to show via a django IF statement. Nothing I've tried has worked. Can anyone offer any advice?

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Resizer? I have to investigate 
Introducing Resizer
Introducing Resizer
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Hi, i am trying to use uk.modal.hide to stop a jwplayer video from playing after the modal (that the video resides in) is closed. But nothing seems to work to stop the video so far.

current code is:

        '': function(){
          console.log("Modal is visible.");

        'uk.modal.hide': function(){
         console.log("Element is not visible.");

is there a way to disable a uk-switcher a href? so that the link doesn't reveal the tab content?

I just want to say THANKS to all the community responders & posters. This outlet is really helping me build my first UIkit site.

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Does the uk Grid not offer offsetting?

I am attempting to utilize uk-flex within a uk-grid, but cannot get the 5 columns to be the same height. 

The layout is as follows:

<div class="uk-grid uk-grid-match uk-grid-small uk-flex uk-flex-bottom" data-uk-grid-match="{target:'.uk-panel'}" data-uk-grid-margin="">
        <div class="uk-width-medium-1-5">
          <div class="uk-flex">
               <div class="uk-panel uk-panel-box"></div>

Am i doing something wrong?

Is uk-flex not compatible with IE9?

Is there a way to offset columns within a Grid, like Bootstrap allows?
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