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SHELTON / CHASTAIN - Lost Songs appeared

The Heavy Metal world was shocked about the unexpected death of one of its legends: Mark Shelton. Mark was a musician with many projects and one of his last ones was the long forgotten idea to release songs he did many years ago with David T. Chastain.

In February 2018 Mark and David T. Chastain began discussions about releasing some music they had recorded together in the late 80s. Over the following months they worked together in getting everything ready for release in late 2018. Just 2 days before Mark's passing he was sending in thoughts and comments to be included in the final product. Everyone involved knew how excited Mark was about this release and we wanted to make sure it was released exactly in the way Mark wanted.

Two extraordinary musicians working together on great songs with the 80s spirit: epic, melodic, heavy, unique! Of course: MANILLA ROAD and CHASTAIN joining in the 80s means nothing less than a MASTERWORK! So you will be able to listen to a long hidden treasure of Heavy Metal history!!!! In remembrance of Mark Shelton, David T. Chastain and Pure Steel Records want to give these songs a place in Metal history to complete the incredible life work of a Metal master!

Release date: Check our news! We are in the final preparation work!

Mark Shelton (R.I.P.) - vocals, lyrics, melodies
David T. Chastain - guitars, bass, drum programming SHELTON/CHASTAIN @ PURE STEEL RECORDS

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BLACK ALICE „Sons Of Steel" - Cover, Tracklist, Release Date: 12th October 2018

The release date of the of the album „Sons Of Steel“ by the Australian Heavy Metal Band BLACK ALICE as CD is October 12th, 2018. The pre-order phase will start on September 28th, 2018 in our webshop. The album will be released in a limited Edition of 666 copies (handnumbered), with 2 Bonustracks, certificate and hologram.

The virtually unknown second album "Sons of Steel" from the Australian HM band BLACK ALICE is nothing short of a superb Rock Musical. It was privately released in micro quantity, only in Australia in 1988, so very few people got to experience it.

The BLACK ALICE band was reformed especially to record the soundtrack for the Australian cult sci-fi HM musical feature film “SONS OF STEEL”. The Heavy Metal from the band’s previous album “ENDANGERED SPECIES” was combined with more commercial elements, and will remind you of ALICE COOPER or the "ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW". But ROB HARTLEY’S distinctive vocals and JAMIE PAGE’S power chords and unique blistering solos define it as undisputed BLACK ALICE.

It’s strange … but great! Available for the first time in the Karthago CD-Classics Series without having to pay a fortune for it! Definitely worth discovering!

1. Something In The Air
2. Sons Of Steel
3. There's Hope
4. Hard Lover
5. You And Me (Bonustrack)
6. Fighting For You
7. Mr. System
8. I'm With You
9. The Burn (Bonustrack)
10. Reck
11. Walk In The Blues
12. The Burn (instrumental)
Total Playing Time: 54:20 min

Rob Hartley – vocals
Andy Cichon – bass
Jamie Page – guitars
Scott Johnston – drums

Special guest:
Jeff Duff on “The Burn” - vocals


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AXEMASTER - Award for the song "10,000 Pound Hammer"

The Akademia Music Award Excellence rewarded AXEMASTER with a prize. The song "10,000 Pound Hammer" (on the album "Crawling Chaos") was honored as the best song in the Heavy Metal category.

'This patiently rendered metal monster imposes a new standard on the downtempo domain of the genre; '10,000 Pound Hammer' exemplifies the conscientiously articulated requirements of the style.'


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VANDALLUS - live video for "Heart Attacker" released

VANDALLUS has released a live video for the song "Heart Attacker". That song is on the new album "Bad Disease", which will be released in September 28th, 2018 on CD and limited Vinyledition via PURE STEEL RECORDS.

Jason Vanek – vocals, guitars
Vanik – guitars, drums, bass
Tyler Harvey - guitars
Tim Frederick – bass
Steve Dukuslow – drums

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10th Pure Steel newsletter in 2018.

We got new releases in stock, pre-orders and own releases!

Releases July
T.N.T/VANGUARD - "Deflorator/Vanguard" (Rerelease, limited Edition of 500 copies, Split CD, certificate and hologram)
WRETCH - "Reborn" (Rerelease, Remastered, 1 Bonustrack)
THRUST - "Harvest Of Souls" (limited Edition of 300 black copies, insert)
CARESS - "The Return Of The Beast" (limited Edition of 300 black copies, 4 Bonustracks, insert)

pre-order August
ARTIZAN - "Demon Rider" (limited Edition of 750 copies, 2 CD's, 1 Bonustrack, different Cover as the normal CD)
ARTIZAN - "Demon Rider" (normal Edition, different Cover as the limited CD)
ARTIZAN - "The Curse Of The Artizan" (2018 Repress)

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ASCHEREGEN - video for "Untot" released

ASCHEREGEN has released a video for the song "Untot". That song is on the new album "Untot", which will be released 2019 on CD via PURE UNDERGROUND RECORDS.

The band ASCHEREGEN was founded 2017 and is oriented to oldschool Heavy Metal from the 80s. Because of the German lyrics, they call it „Deutsches-Metal“ (German-steel). The music sounds like Metalbands from the 80s and been influenced by from Ozzy Osbourne, Dio or Accept. The reason of that sound is most of all the guitar work by Kratos P. The lyrics are presented in German language by Lilith Frost and Kaleun Cronos. The female and the male voice provide for the varied sounds of the songs. Daniel van Helsing´s keyboard gives main points and represents the Hard Rock of his earlier years. The pressure is based on the drums of Leroy Blanche and Herbert Maul´s bass guitar. On top of that ASCHEREGEN does not to sound like Rammstein or Böhse Onkelz, in contrast to many new bands which try to copy their sound. ASCHEREGEN create their own style of music and present German Heavy Metal with their first album “UNTOT”.

With „tunes of war“-songwriting-supporter A. Püschel & Kaleun Debus from Promoportal Germany.

Kaleun Cronos - vocals, guitars
Lilith Frost - vocals
Kratos P. – guitars
Daniel van Helsing - keyboard, piano, backing vocals
Leroy Blanche – drums
Herbert Maul - bass

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In 1984 Kerrang! featured a review that stated Perth HM band Black Alice was the next best thing to come out of Aussie since AC/DC. It was a huge wrap. The review was of the band’s debut album Endangered Species. Produced by Gary Keady and Steve James it was released by StreetTunes UK and then later the same year in Australia by Big Island Records. It subsequently went on to become a cult classic.

The story that followed is equally as fascinating as the album. After Endangered Species was released the band split up for personal reasons. Later in 1985 Gary Keady tried his hand at writing and directing a short film for cinema release called Knightmare, in which he starred the former lead singer of Black Alice, Rob Hartley. Rob’s incredible vocals and the strange story of the short film soon attracted interest in a feature film version that Gary Keady went on to write.

Two years later in 1987, Gary Keady and Rob Hartley put together version two of Black Alice, with the original guitarist Jamie Page and the addition of Scotty Johnston on kit and Andy Cichon on bass. Armed with a bunch of new songs they went into a Sydney recording studio with previous producers Gary Keady and Steve James and came out with the album Sons of Steel. Later that year cameras rolled on the Aussie science fiction heavy metal musical motion picture Sons of Steel starring Rob Hartley and Jeff Duff written and directed by Gary Keady. The movie was distributed in 32 countries and just like Endangered Species became a HM cult classic. The album of Black Alice tracks featured in the movie was released in Australia only in 1988.

Thirty years later: In September 2018 Puresteel Records will re-release Endangered Species with bonus tracks, and then in October they will release the Sons of Steel album worldwide for the very first time. These are the only two albums ever recorded by Black Alice. At the same time USA film distributor Phantom Pain Films will release for the first time on DVD and Blu-ray the HM sci fi movie Sons of Steel starring Rob Hartley and Jeff Duff, written and directed by Gary Keady.

Now that might sound like an awesome amount of things spawned from the recording in 1983 of a heavy metal band from Perth, Western Australia. A band originally called Gypsy and later renamed Black Alice, a title that now lives on as the name of the lead character played by Rob Hartley in the movie Sons of Steel … but there’s a shit-load more. Gary Keady has now written a heavy metal time travel saga called Sons of Steel and book 1 of the series will also be launched in September this year. So far he has written five books in the series and still the time travelling heavy metaller rages on saving the world and vanquishing all that is evil and unjust.

Check it out on the new official website

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Dutch Heavy Metal Legends PICTURE have signed a world-wide deal with Pure Steel Records.

The deal will be for the bands all NEW Live Album titled "PICTURE LIVE: 40 Years Heavy Metal Ears, 1978-2018". The album will feature the definitive Classic line-up.

As part of the deal, PICTURE have also announced the release, for the first time on vinyl, "Old Dog New Tricks" from 2009 and "War Horse" from 2012. Details will be forthcoming!

Picture is, arguably, the very first Dutch Hard Rock band to be the Breakout band of its Native Country. Historically, the band have released seven albums. They have toured world-wide and extensively throughout the world with other legends and stalwarts such as, AC/DC, Saxon, Ted Nugent, Rose Tattoo and April Wine. Along with notable headlining tours of Germany, Italy and of course, their home land.

Their place in Rock folklore is now further cemented with the forthcoming release of their new live album! Join us in Welcoming one of the most innovative Rock Acts in all of Heavy Metal!

"Picture is very proud to have found great partners in Pure Steel Records for the best support heavy metal can get! We can't thank them enough for giving us this opportunity at this exciting time in the history of the band."

Ronald van Prooijen - vocals
Rinus Vreugdenhil - bass
Jan Bechtum – guitars, backing vocals
Appie de Gelder - guitars, backing vocals
Laurens “Bakkie” Bakker – drums


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VANDALLUS - digital Singlerelase

Pure Steel Records present to you VANDALLU'S new Track "Bad Disease" as digital Release. The song is from the bands Album "Bad Disease" which will be released on 28th September 2018 on CD and Vinyl. The pre-order phase will start on September 14th, 2018 in our webshop.


Jason Vanek – vocals, guitars
Vanik – guitars, drums, bass
Tyler Harvey - guitars
Tim Frederick – bass
Steve Dukuslow – drums
Bad Disease
Bad Disease

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Fan Video from Christian Egger

SCHUBERT IN ROCK - ”Too Late“ feat. Dan McCafferty (Nazareth)
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