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A concise summary of one of the most brain dead corners of JavaScript.

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It's rather remarkable how effectively Google adopted the classical Microsoft strategy of embrace, extend, and extinguish to the free software/open source movement. First, they embraced open source by making offering a (mostly) open source mobile operating system, extended with their proprietary services. Then, as this extension was deepening, they entered the extinguishing phase by making more and more of the software and services reliant on its proprietary services, to the point where the open source codebase itself became just a piece of infrastructure to build that the valuable product builds on; an implementation detail, if you will.

In that sense, the move seems rather brilliant…

Had a nice eight to four workday as an election official yesterday. Unfortunately, however, it was four in the morning…

Perforce; a really stupid version control system which you should not try to outsmart, under any circumstances. It doesn't actually look at what you have on disk when submitting your changes, because it already knows the truth…

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Suspending the Safe Harbor provision for American companies seems to me an eminently reasonable response to the PRISM scandal — to put it mildly.

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It's remarkable, in a sense, how old computing is; it's 45 years since the first demonstration of the mouse.

I can't help but find TortoiseHg a mess, even on Windows: Every thinkable feature is exposed in the UI. Toolbar buttons have no explanatory text — except the tooltip. Some of the buttons hide panels, some switch panels and some search in history — but there's no way of knowing that other than waiting for the tooltip. There's hardly any spacing between UI elements, but plenty of space within the elements, leading to a UI that feels both crowded and surprisingly empty.

The Windows port of SourceTree looks nice, but it only supports Git. I guess I'll just stick with the command line for now…

The answer to “Can merging 15k files really be this slow?” is yes, when every single file operation involves a trans-atlantic request/response. Oh, and this merge is of course completely blocking w.r.t. any other operation you want to do.

I still hate Perforce.

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My Mac is not well; I hope it's just the hard drive failing…
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