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"I was willing to live there for that long due to the location that I enjoyed."
"...the fitness center (which they advertised as being available..."
"The pricing is a bit high but it's close enough to campus to justify it."
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Ben Brown
3 months ago
Unlike the other reviews my issue is not with the management, but with the dog owners here. There is a soccer field sized pit in the back of the property designated as a "dog park". Apparently the people of Breckinridge Court were not content with filling this up with shit, because the dog feces zone has grown to encompass not only the entire property, but has literally spilled over into the sidewalk bordering the apartments. There is shit everywhere. The management used to have some one walk around with a scooper and pick it up, but they stopped out of what I assume is futility. One man's efforts could not stem the tide of brown that continuously rolls down the hill. I see many people with their dogs out, with no bags, staring at me with dead eyes as I watch them litter everything in sight with blackish brown piles of shit. Seriously, there is poop everywhere. Everywhere on grass you look there will be at least a pile in sight, if not two or three. It's not JUST the grass either. I see it IN the parking lot, on the sidewalk, smeared on the stairs. tl;dr: wear brown shoes
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Anita Ramsay's profile photo
Anita Ramsay
a year ago
Do not live there, they will rip you off!!! I lived at Breckinridge Court apartments for over 7 years. When I first moved there it was a great and friendly place to be but as the years went by it went down hill pretty fast. It took years just to get my dishwasher, a/c unit, and thermostat repaired. I was willing to live there for that long due to the location that I enjoyed. When my upstairs neighbor moved out and left her apartment in better shape than when she moved in, she did NOT get back her deposit of $600 which was a month's rent. I was afraid of what would happen when I moved out so I paid my last month's rent to the main Manager herself to ensure that there would be no "surprises" later. She looked over my account and said because I was a very good tenant, she would be sure that I was treated fairly when it came to closing out my lease. After spending several hours of scrubbing the apartment till it gleamed, low and behold I got a BILL in the mail for $80. This was not including the deposit in which they had chosen to absorb completely. The complex called me and I asked to speak to the Manager and was not allowed to speak to her so I told the Receptionist to have her call me direct. Not only did she NOT call they sent the bill to collections. So, you tell me, after 7 years of never being late on my rent and being a good tenant, does that seem like good customer service to you? .
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Stephanie Bryant's profile photo
Stephanie Bryant
2 years ago
Terrible, just terrible. The people in the office are awful to deal with, don't follow the procedures they say they follow when you sign the lease. They're making everyone switch internet providers (which is illegal but they've found a loophole by contracting with a private company who has a contract with DISH) so our cable and internet is changing for the third time since we've lived there (about 7 months now) and now our bill is going to double. They're in the middle of a $3 million renovation that included having the construction crew use the outlets outside our apartments (which is included in our electric bill, we asked the office to confirm) for the equipment 8 hours a day for almost a month, and then when our electric bill was double what it should have been they just gave us a $10 credit. The dog park they advertise is literally a sink hole, the tennis court is in complete disrepair. The parking isn't monitored because the office said they've never had an issue with people getting spots, but I can't find a spot after 8:30 pm most nights. The heat doesn't regulate well in our apartment, it wont turn off at the set temperature so it just keeps running until it's too hot to stand. The dishwasher shoots some sort of unidentified sediment onto all of our dishes (we had a maintenance guy look at it and he said they were more like dish sanitizers than dish washers so not to expect much out of them). Two of the four burners on the stove don't work, there are no light fixtures in the bedrooms, and we can run out of hot water before the end of a single shower. There used to be a lot of bad reviews on here about them, which we should have listened to but they were the only place we looked at with a washer and dryer hook up, so we didn't. When we asked the office about the bad reviews they said they were trying to get them taken down, so I guess they did, but they're still terrible. If someone has had a good experience there I haven't heard about it. I know someone who lives in the complex who has also had similar problems and is moving out as soon as her lease runs out, and we plan to do the same. The only advantages are location, if you're going to UK, it's about a 10-25 minute drive depending on traffic, and the fact that there are washer and dryer hook ups, but that's what sold us on this place and we really regret it, so go somewhere else.
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Amanda Gibson's profile photo
Amanda Gibson
a month ago
Michael Kelley
6 months ago
Horrible experience! The management is very rude and they are shady with your money. I do not recommend living here unless they enjoy arguing and having your money basically stolen from you with hidden costs and fees around every corner.
Noah Brown
2 years ago
I literally signed up with google+ to share my disdain. I asked before signing if there was going to be any construction and they said only for the fitness center (which they advertised as being available and the reason i came in). Way over priced and was advertised to have easy access to the bus.. It takes 40 minutes to get downtown on the bus from here. it takes 50 to walk. The office called on a friday for a check-up on the apartment (which was nice) and I mentioned something needing fixed but that I didn't want them to come to my apartment until I was there (non-emergency), which would be the following monday. The maintaince guy was in my apartment literally 15 minutes after I got off the phone. we also had problems with the construction using our electricity, and their cigarettes being in our yard. Didn't care about that until the office threatened to fine us $50 per cig (which wasn't even ours). definitely will not come back and have considered breaking lease.
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A Google User
3 years ago
Would recommend, great location and great maintenance. The pricing is a bit high but it's close enough to campus to justify it. We lived here 2 years and would recommend them to anyone who asks.
Sharayah Scott
2 weeks ago