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Webcomic Beacon Newscast for April 22, 2012

DJ Coffman and Jason Embury (Hero by Night) and T. Campbell (Penny & Aggie) join us for this week’s news discussion. But first, bringing you the news, Marie Tary (Evil Space Cat) returns with Thomas Revor, Eric Kimball, and Jason Strawsburg!

Listen to the episode and see the news links:

There was some contention after the recorded show, in regards to some comments during the discussion. Please check the first comments for for those details from DJ Coffman and Jason Embury.


ReviewsZ: In His Likeness Universe
Webcomic Review by Caitlin Hart

Top Stories

Mark Waid teases his new site Thrillbent
Original Source: Digital Spy
Additionally: Comic Book Resources & USA Today


Tim Burton is judging Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter-inspired fan art submissions
Original Source: FearNet.com
Additionally: He’ll also be judging art for the Dark Shadows movie (DeviantArt)

Another Adventure Time comic by a Webcomicer
Original Source: Bleeding Cool


Topatoco’s Spring Books
Original Source: Comics Alliance

Achewoods Honor system store
Found via: Fleen – Original Source: Achewood

“Rolling Thunder” and “Wonder Momo” come to Shiftylook as webcomics
Original Source: Comic Book Resources


The mystery of DC, ComiXology, and the Kindle Fire may never be publicly solved
Original Source: Comics Beat

Javascript framework licensing change
Original Source: GiGaOM

UX and UI visually explained
Original Source: Design.Org


Wizard Teams With ‘The Situation’ for a Superhero Comic and Convention Appearances
Original Source: Comics Alliance

Dave Kellett is offering free, no DRM download of his Eisner nominated book
Found via: Comics Alliance – Original Source: Daily Cartoonist

‘The Graphic Textbook’ Comic Seeks Kickstarter Funding in the Name of Teaching
Original Source: Comics Alliance


Shia LaBeouf’s Self-Published Comics May Be a Secret Code from Space
Original Source: Comics Alliance

Someone has invented the Sonic Screwdriver from Doctor Who
Found via: Tor.com – Original Source: The Mary Sue


Call for Eisner’s to expand their digital categories
Original Source: Comics Alliance

Scott Kurtz on Thrillbent
Original Source: PVP
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